It was the day when women gathered either not for celebrating feminism or for demanding equality of rights but to share what it takes in having to deal with an addicted citizen in relation, be it the spouse, brother, or son etc. the pain is immense and the loss is irreplaceable. At the Jalandhar branch of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, women of Mota Singh Nagar and around gathered and discussed how the issue of drug abuse has ruined the society and women being its initial marginal group of victims, suffer the most, so they should exclusively be taught on how to handle the situation. They were also cautioned on what should be those following measures and steps with which the problem can be suppressed in the initial phase itself, because in most of the cases, due to lack of information, women often fail to identify the signs and symptoms of addiction. Thereby, they come to know the degree of addiction in their relation at the later stage where it is almost impossible to deal with.  

Women shared their 'stories' of sufferings due to drug abuse in Punjab | 'Unmoolan Campaign'

Expert representatives from Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the banner of ‘Unmoolan Campaign’ a drive against drug abuse in Punjab run by one of its projects, 'Bodh' discussed and highlighted upon the basics of addiction and chemically harmful effects of drugs onto one's brain functionality. They motivated them towards the brighter side of life and shared various testimonial stories of people who have been de-addicted following the psychoanalytical module of the organization. A documentary was also screened for better understanding of the psychology of an addict so as to get their mentality shifted rather from belittling an addict to helping an addict.   

Women shared their 'stories' of sufferings due to drug abuse in Punjab | 'Unmoolan Campaign'

Unmoolan Campaign is a unique initiative aiming to create a drug free environment in Punjab where people are strong willed and resolute to not even experiment with drugs based upon the informed decision taken by themselves alone, not pushed, not induced by anyone else from the society. DJJS through its wide network of branches across the globe is working on nature conservation, bovine conservation, gender aspects, education, health, drug abuse eradication, disaster management and empowerment of prisoners and persons with disabilities.

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