Women play a crucial role in environmental management and development, which is necessary to attain sustainable development. Earth is addressed as "Mother Earth", illustrating the eternal link with women. Considering the interconnectivity between women and environment, a mass sensitization rally was organized on August 8, 2014 in Nasrullaganj, Madhya Pradesh to spread the slogan "My Earth, My Responsibility" in every lane of the district.

Women take charge of reviving the fading glory of Mother Earth in Madhya Pradesh

A major responsibility to manage plants and animals, collecting water and fodder for domestic purposes, garbage dumping, paying heed to the land etc. rests with the women of the households. Nurturing, conditioning and strengthening the concerned will have a quicker impact. Stepping into this, women locals of Nasrullaganj were called to have a dialogue on sustainable development and environment conservation.

Women take charge of reviving the fading glory of Mother Earth in Madhya Pradesh

 A skit highlighting how woman's actions are contributing to environment maintenance and economic growth on the whole was showcased. An open discussion was held to make women aware about how sensitively the environment needs to be taken care of.

Post interaction session began the rally. A count of 130 women and girls participated in the rally holding posters and banners with slogans on women taking charge of reviving the fading glory of mother earth. The rally started off from Nasrullaganj main market and captured Bhopal-Indore road on its way.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) steering on the guidance of its founder and Head, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, has been incessantly working on uprooting of social pests like gender discrimination and crime against women, drug abuse, natural and manmade disasters etc., and alongside empowering disabled and prisoners as well as encouraging environment conservation, bovine conservation, community health, holistic education to establish a progressive and peaceful society.

Uma Khandelwal - Ex. Mayor, Pushpa Sharma - Media Prabhari, Charcha Jain,

Rajni Sharma, Archana Khandelwal,  - Mahila Mandal, Ssdhna Khandelwal and Maya Aggarwal (Upadhyaksha), (Mahila Mandal) adorned the program with their attendance and support to organization's initiatives. They promised a concerted action with DJJS against such social evils.

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