World Health Day 2019: DJJS Ahmedabad organized Health Awareness Program


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On the occasion of ‘World Health Day 2019’, a ‘Health Awareness Program’ was organized by DJJS Ahmedabad branch in Gujarat at Sharda Krupa Society, Janta Nagar, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad. Ayurvedacharya Shri Bharat Bhai Prajapati (Nadi Specialist) and Ayurvedacharya Shri Govind Bhai Prajapati (Acupressure Expert, Yoga expert) were invited by DJJS Ahmedabad to promote health seeking behavior and practices of Ayurveda and alternative therapies.

 A two and a half hour session began with an introduction of Ayurveda by as a complete health rejuvenating therapy that comprised physical, psychological, philosophical, ethical, and spiritual health. Ayurvedacharya Shri Bharat Bhai Prajapati spoke in detail how wrong lifestyle patterns and habits such drinking water, incompatible diets & food choices, lack of exercise & pranayama, greed, jealousy, anger, stress, negativity, etc. affects one’s physical & mental health along with huge amount of financial burden as well.

Ayurvedacharya Shri Govind Bhai Prajapati elucidated on adopting simple habitual changes to resolve health issues for e.g. the way you choose to drink water also affects your overall health. He gave ayurvedic tips to drink water- Drink water first thing in the morning; sit down to drink water rather than standing; avoid gulping down large volumes of water in a single breath, rather take smaller sip, swallow, breathe and repeat throughout the day. He further demonstrated easy to treat acupoints (acupressure points) which can be used to treat many common diseases like cold, flu, indigestion, pain, infection etc.

A total of 80 people participated in this session and reaped health benefits. At the end of the session Ayurvedacharyas answered the health queries of the participants.

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