Jalandhar: It was a day, when associating with the issue of drug abuse was not a taboo, because this time under the bandwagon of Bodh, the drug abuse eradication program of DJJS, a platform was given to the youth of Jalandhar, to be a trained combatant, indeed a nice and dignified association with the tabooed issue of drug abuse. On 25th August 2015, , a one day training session under the banner of ‘Bodh Kaksha’, a volunteer training program of Bodh, was conducted for more than 150 volunteers at Rotary club.

Youth brigade turns to ‘VOLUNTEERS’ at Jalandhar under 'UNMOOLAN CAMPAIGN' in Punjab

Sadhvi Omprabha Bharti Ji along with Sadhvi Manendra Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Radhka Bharti Ji took different sessions related to the various concepts of drug abuse and it’s concerning psychologies. Since, Adolescents and teenage population, being the most unguided is highly susceptible for incidences of experimentation with drugs, urbanization and culture of aping western countries is further adding fuel to the fire. Therefore, in the state like Punjab, interventions need to be made and implied in order to bring down the emergence of new cases in the world of drug abuse and impede the physical and mental dependence of the users towards drugs. Therefore in light of the same, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under its drug abuse eradication program Bodh has started a yearlong campaign named ‘UNMOOLAN’ for prevention of drug abuse amongst youth and promotion of healthy life style amongst drug users.

Youth brigade turns to ‘VOLUNTEERS’ at Jalandhar under 'UNMOOLAN CAMPAIGN' in Punjab

In the upcoming months, these trained volunteers will conduct surveys in their respective selected communities, educational institutions and workplaces. For any info you can visit our website www.djjs.org/bodh or you can drop a mail to us at [email protected]

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