Youth-oriented Workshop Organised at Karkardooma and Vishnu Garden, New Delhi reinstates the lost Glorious Optimism amongst the youths


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Today in this fast moving world where every moment turns into a rat race and always having to win thereby is presumed to be the only option, it has been highly observed that a large number of youth population finds it difficult to deal with these pressure like situations and in the absence of proper guidance and motivation, they end up taking extreme steps such as suicidal acts or drug abuse. This phenomenon has led to a rapid increase in the number of cases of drug addiction and suicides, especially in metro cities. A study which was conducted in Bangalore showed that of the 5115 attempted suicide covering all age groups, 2.1, 8.4 and 28.6 per cent individuals were in the age group 10-15, 16-20 and 21-25 years, respectively; and among 912 completed suicides, 2.2, 16.2 and 21.6 per cent were in the age group 10-15, 16-20 and 21-25 years, respectively.

These observations clearly indicate for the growing need of a realistic and resultant platform where the youth population can freely discuss their problems and seek permanent solutions to them. Thus taking a step ahead in this direction, the Karkardooma and Vishnu Garden centres of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan founded/mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji under its ongoing initiative, Drug Abuse Eradication Program (Bodh) organised a Youth Workshop in their respective areas in the month of February 2017 on the themes- “Life is Epic" and “I M Possible” respectively. Both the workshops intended to provide the participants with an insightful perspective on diverse dimensions of dealing with various pressure like situations, be it in the form of academic examinations, peer, parental or societal discrepancy and dilemmas in decision making. Throughout the course, incorporating several fun filled activities and practical demonstrations, the facilitators discussed with the participants how precious human life is and the ways in which everyone must cherish every moment of their life while dealing with various hurdles that come their way with full vigour, deter and positivity. Also using some scientific references, a live demonstration was displayed on how having a positive mindset serves as the key to a person in tough situations while negative thoughts otherwise hamper the decision making and compel people to take hasty and wrong actions. In order to ensure perpetual flow of positivity in their lives, the attendees were holistically encouraged to strengthen their inner self with the knowledge of Self Realisation so that in the crucial moment of decision making, they do not fall weak and end up taking the escape route of drugs. Lastly but not the least, these workshops certainly proved to serve as an eye opener for many young delegates who initially might have hesitated to share their issues with others.

About Bodh

Bodh is the Drug Abuse Eradication Program which aims at imparting the preventive education and enabling the abusers to overcome their mental obsession.

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