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To deliver the message of peace and harmony through spiritual enlightenment, the young volunteers of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) carried out a Youth Rally at Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 12th January, 2023. It gave the message to localities, especially youngsters, to spare some time from their personal chores to attend Shri Ram Katha being organised at Ground Opposite Hiradhan City, near Snehplaza, IOC Road, New Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 17th to 23rd January, 2023. The orator of the Katha will be Sadhvi Shreya Bharti Ji, Disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head and Founder, DJJS).

Youth Rally at Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Guiding Youngsters towards Spiritual Enlightenment

In today’s time when stress and anxiety have become an inevitable part of human life, be it a child, youngster or an old person, it becomes essential that one must try to find a remedy of this problem at the earliest, so that he/she is able to face and tackle the problems of life instead of running away from them. One can do this only when the mind is under control, which is possible only through the eternal science of “Brahm Gyan” (spiritual enlightenment). Only the True Spiritual Mentor of the time is empowered to bestow upon a human being the rare sacred Divine Knowledge. After being blessed by the Master, when a human being practices this divine technique through regular meditation, he can dive deep in his inner ocean of divinity which gives a very calming feeling to the mind. It helps in keeping a strong control on the mind and emotions, thereby helping a person to take better decisions in his life, which ultimately leads to growth, both in spiritual and materialistic world.

Brahm Gyan is thus the dire necessity of the entire mankind, especially youngsters, who are the future of the world. The youth rally acted as a medium to encourage people to attend the Katha and gave them a better perspective towards the need of spiritual awakening in their life.

Youth Rally at Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Guiding Youngsters towards Spiritual Enlightenment

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