Human mind is rare gift of God with immense, immeasurable power of unlimited Supreme energy, which manifests through it when it is made to shine with supreme brilliance. Genrally, in the humdrum of daily living, we forget how potent our mind is a double edged sword – where it, if bridled by the reins of True Knowledge, can lift open the portals for peaceful living, there it, if left unbridled, can also make a hell out of our life. No one can deny the power of mind! What to say of the world beyond, human mind has exhibited its prowess wonderfully even at the surface level world! Just reflect upon the technological world and you can easily assimilate how potent this faculty called mind is! The journey of man from the age of horse-driven carts to the age of steam engines and, finally, to the age of computerized travelling and space travel during the last hundred years bears testimony to the dexterity of mental efficacy.

If our mental potency possesses stunning capabilities even at the surface level existence, then just imagine what wonders it can bring if made ot perform through the subtle but highly powerful plane of existence called the spiritual plane! No doubt, our every step, every effort, is to make life as comfortable as possible. In fact, we intend to erect heaven on this earth. However, how far have we been able to accomplish our goal? No doubt, our every effort bears the fruit of success, but, sooner or later this success is trailed by failure, in one form or the other; sometimes, this failure is in the form of massive destruction; sometimes, in the guise of some fatal disease; sometimes, it engulfs us in the form of natural calamity or catastrophe, and so on. Thus, the need of the hour is not just to work with or utilize the mental power but to work with the right frame of mind, enabling us to lead a more creative and fulfilling life. In other words, the need is to develop the power of wisdom called discriminative power by harmonizing our mind with the spiritual level of our being called soul or Pure Consciousness. However, the only way to resonate our unrhythmical mental instrument with the finely and perfectly tuned melodious instrument of soul, Pure Consciousness, is through True Knowledge (Brahm Jnana) that can be bestowed upon us by a Perfect Spiritual Preceptor. Thus, dancing to the tunes of True Knowledge under the benign shelter of a Perfect Master, we can, harmonizing all our lower faculties – physical, mental, and intellectual – with our supreme faculty called soul or Pure Consciousness, learn how to sing the peace- imparting lullaby of life in perfect rhythm and harmony. Not only this, it is then only that our mind is able to be tuned to the limitless powers of the Supreme and shine with supreme refulgence. True knowledge is the only cosmic tree whose roots can pierce deep into the bottom of human mind and bring out its goodies, in the dorm of extraordinary powers and unlimited potential, to the surface through its trunk and spreading branches. For, it is the only cosmic connector that, by connecting our mind to the soul, can unveil the whole repository of mental affluence to be used for the welfare of the whole humanity.

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