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With each passing day the state of environment is deteriorating, the planet is gripped with environmental issues like air pollution, desertification, water crisis, energy crisis and the all-encompassing problem of climate change. Despite the fact that internationally a wide knowledge base and several working methodologies are being generated to deal with the prevailing environmental situation, common man- the ultimate user of the environmental resources, remains unaware of these international advances. Bearing this contrast in mind, we came up with a series of advocacy workshops on diverse environmental issues. The idea is simple with far reaching presence of DJJS across the country and over three decades of interaction and understanding of the ultimate users coming from various communities, we have taken up the role of a bridge to deliver the existing knowledge to the ground users in ways they comprehend and apply in their lives.

We organise these workshops in schools, colleges, corporate offices as well as in communities, both rural and urban. Additionally, every year we organise these advocacy workshops at DJJS centres across India to mark national and international days of environmental concern like World Water Day, Earth Day, Environment Day, Van Mohatsav etc. and reiterate the need of environment conservation.