Posted on July 10, 2014

 Over the ages, women have shouldered a primordial role which puts them in the shoes of educators for their children as they are the ones who provide values to them. This function of women is indispensable for generations to learn culture they are part of. This is why women are respectably called as vehicles of civilizations. Looking through anthropological perspective, culture forms the adiphice of any civilization and women are the power house transmitting culture from one generation to another.

This particular role of women not only distinguishes them from their counterpart but also puts them at a different pedestal in the society altogether. Women are synonymous to culture even sacred scriptures speak volume about this incredible status attached to women. However, owing to the growing cosmopolitan pressures to excel in every field beginning from the house holds and ending at the workplaces, women face acute crunch of time and zeal in paying attention to their this essential role.

As a result, our civilization is perishing at the hands of uncultured adults, which is evident in rising crime rates, rising women issues, increasing brain drain and rising cases of drug abuse amongst youth at all.

All this pose a threat to woman as the vehicle of civilisation, so the need of the hour is to work towards the reconstruction of the wear and tear happening to the transformers of culture, i.e. the women folk.

If we want a better tomorrow, then we should, enthusiastically engage in rejuvenating the morality of women as educators by reintroducing them to their quintessential responsibilities. This does not mean that we should not encourage women to give their best shot at fronts other than this, infact the eternal science of self realisation is a proven technique to empower women at all fields pertaining to them.

Initiatives should be taken to not only remind women of their powers, but also provide them skills to polish them. As regular practical training can make them great entrepreneurs, regular spiritual training is mandatory for the rejuvenation of their moral bliss. Spiritual techniques are an overall nurturer, it also provides them strength, concentration and perseverance to perform their multiple roles with great poise and compassion.