• Sensitization seminar with women to discuss on issue of sex selective abortions and how they can control the variation in sex ratio

  • Sadvi Radhika Bharti talking about the inspirational stories of Meera and Rani laxmi Bai

  • Santulan poster unrolled by Mr. Manish Tiwari, launching Satulan Campaign in Ludhiana

  • Awareness generating workshop on reasons behind rising graph of female fetus killing

  • A consultative conference organized in Ludhiana with experts from the field of medicine & heath to discuss on pre defined gender based agenda

  • awareness desk arranged post the round table conference with doctors

  • Sadhvi Om Prabha Bharti sharing DJJS' perspective about the issue and spiritual approach to eliminate the menace

  • Celebration International Women's day in Ludhiana, advocating for value of girl child

  • A discussion on causes and consequences of increase in sex selective abortions at Kamla Lohtia College, Ludhiana

  • Sadhvi Om Prabha Bharti highlighting the unsaid emotions of female fetus through poem recitation

Santulan Campaign is a unique initiative that is conducted on yearlong basis in areas which have vulnerably low sex ratio. Choosing the roads of awareness generation about the lopsided demographics of the male- female ratio and sensitization based on the strong foundation of modern science & scriptural facts; the campaign involves custodians of culture and opinion makers in the society and the peer group of the issue (doctors, advocates, law enforcement & senior citizens) as members. These members not just support the cause in black and white but get consistently involved in the activities of the campaign- be it closed group conferences or workshops in institutions or training sessions or street theatre or road rallies. Each of these advocacy sessions marks its success by hundreds of registrations of young and dynamic volunteers for the cause of saving girl child.

The sex ratio in the age group of 0-6 is decreasing every minute. Where world’s overall sex ratio stands at 101 male to 100 female, India stands at 946:1000 (females per thousand males) with only 914:1000 in the 0-6 age group. The urban India at around 900 whereas the leading Indian cities with an overall sex ratio of 893:1000 (Punjab), 877:1000 (Haryana), 818:1000 (Chandigarh), 866:1000 (Delhi), 908:1000 (Uttar Pradesh), 916:1000 (Bihar),  918:1000 (Gujrat), 925:1000 (Maharashtra) and 926:1000 (Rajasthan).


Specially customized media tools including folk songs on girl child, choreographies, plays, short films, quiz sessions etc. are developed by Sansthan to generate awareness on the issue in the particular area. Focused group consultation conferences are organized to discuss the issue with various stakeholders including doctors, advocates, senior citizens and DJJS preachers from all over the world

Regular review meetings and trainings strengthen the structure of the activities undertaken. 

Through its intellectual and creative route along active involvement of local media, the campaign creates an unsaid pressure in the area for strict implementation of the law and revaluation of its lacunas. Not just that it builds consensus among the peers on the need to change individual mindsets and raise social consciousness for dealing with the issue.

His Holiness AshutoshMaharajJi – founder and head of DivyaJyotiJagratiSansthan says “Inner Renaissance through spiritual awakening will instigate much needed sensitivity into people's minds which is the only solution to alter mortal consciousness - wrong attitudes”. Living this philosophy, the campaign successfully strengthens locals and renovates them into agents of mindset change who thenjoin the campaign and go about benefitting more and more people.