• a little girl reciting poem on value for girl child during rally

  • Santulan beneficiary turned reformer sharing her experience of working with the organization, at Gaushala, Ludhiana

  • Handprints of workshop attendees as a manifesto to save girl child

  • One on one awareness generation about value for girl child

  • An oath to break silence and raise voice against violence

  • Performance showcasing that woman stands alone in society irrespective of duties performed by her towards her family

  • An old woman sharing her grief resulted from domestic violence, with the other

  • Skit highlighting the situation a woman goes through to file a complaint, when the system is corrupt

  • An awareness generating walk on the issu of sex selective abortions

  • nukkad natak performed as a part of awareness generating rally

  • a sensitizing skit on continuously degrading status of women

Santulan, through its rigorous community surveys, institutional seminars and discussions and consultative conferences with the stakeholders of gender justice came to a consensual conclusion that it is ultimately the society at the individual level which is responsible for the atrocious and ever dipping status of women. Therefore, to combat the problem at its outset, Santulan has been conducting diverse informative, educative and awareness generating advocacy sessions for the masses. Right from the streets to the house of custodians of culture - temples, religious fests, congregations and conventions etc; Santulan has been stamping the right idea of Gender Equality in the hearts of masses.

Our regular spiritual events organized weekly, fortnightly and monthly across the country and overseas sensitize people on various social issues and put forward socio-spiritual solutions to these issues of concern. In the thought provoking mass story telling sessions such as ‘devi bhagwat’, ‘ram katha’, ‘srimad bhagwat katha’ etc, specific verses are quoted from different scriptures that explain and prove – “the high status religious texts have given to women”. These events are attended by thousands of people every time.

Gender issues like sex selective abortions, dowry, rapes, abduction, crime and violence and on the flip side need of holistic education are substantially addressed from these platforms. These platforms walk the talk of subject through street theatre, awareness walks, information counters and spiritual congregations.