• Value based workshop with girls to make them understand their self worth in New Delhi

  • A young girl asking why self test is needed

  • hopes on the faces of girls to lead a discrimination free, ideal life

  • Enthusiastic participants after workshop

  • A conference with underprivileged in Mangolpuri, New Delhi on importnace of girl child education

  • Sadhvi ji shared a case study of woman with positive attitude, who never shared her problems with anyone, and her silence brought in her death

  • A comparitive analysis on work done by a woman and a man in 1 day

The stooping status of women in the society is majorly attributed to gender differential mindsets based on socio-cultural construct. It is imperative to render scriptural clarity, on the basis of which customary cultures take their form.Therefore, our Gender Sensitization Workshops encapsulate a blend of vedic and upanishadic wisdom along with contemporary international methodologies – presentations, slideshows, game sessions and demonstrational activities so as to reach maximum with thought provoking and action instigating inspirations.

Further, using socio-cultural-psychoanalytical tools, we conduct advocacy workshops on women self worth, sex selection, grooming, empowerment, awareness generation and capacity building. These workshops are conducted in institutions, organizations, govt. and corporate offices as well as communities wherein underprivileged women are particularly addressed.

Specific days of international concern that exclusively support the cause of emancipation of women such as International Women’s Day, Girl Child Day and International Day for the elimination of Violence Against Women are especially marked by the sansthan through awareness generation workshops at various DJJS centers to raise awareness over concerned issues related to women.