• Longing for a life with deserved respect

  • participants beguilded after an empowering workshop

  • when there is a will, there is a way!

  • group of women expressing their grief as a result of domestic violence

  • Grooming workshop with ladies on gender discrimination at every phase of life

Sitting in air conditioned compartments, discussing charters and formulating mandates to empower women has not provided for any change in the state of women. A state where women are actually empowered and crime and violence against them reaches zero, still seems like a farfetched dream than an achieved reality. ‘Easy said than done’ is what comes to mind seeing such a picture. But DJJS Santulan adopts a unique approach of reaching out to the root level and sows the seeds of empowerment in common women’s life, in the cities as well as villages. Different target sectors are met with four point methodology – walk through villages, mahila sangathans, group discussion and santulan awards.