Allahabad city is well connected to all major cities in India via the Indian Railway network. There are eight railways stations in and around Allahabad as listed below:

  • Chheoki (COI)
  • Allahabad Junction (ALD)
  • Phaphamau Junction (PFM)
  • Subedarganj (SFG)
  • Naini (NYN)
  • Prayag (PRG)
  • Allahabad City (ALY)
  • Bamhrauli (BMU)

Routes of trains from all destinations can be traced and their respective bookings can be made from the IRCTC website , OSTS

Allahabad Airport is located at Bamrauli, about 12 km away from the city centre. It connects the city to major destinations as listed below:

S.No. Source/Destination Operator Frequency
1 Delhi Air India Daily
2 Lucknow Jet Airways Tue/Thu/Sun
3 Patna Jet Airways Tue/Thu/Sun
4 Indore Jet Airways Mon/Wed/Sat
5 Nagpur Jet Airways Mon/Wed/Sat

Flight routes listed below are proposed and expected to start soon:

S.No. Source/Destination Operator
1 Pune Indigo Airlines
2 Raipur Indigo Airlines
3 Bangalore Indigo Airlines
4 Bhubhaneshwar Indigo Airlines
5 Bhopal Indigo Airlines
6 Dehradun Indigo Airlines
7 Gorakhpur Indigo Airlines
8 Mumbai Indigo Airlines
9 Kolkata Zoom Air
10 Lucknow Turbo Aviation

Flights can also be booked to airports to nearby cities of Varanasi (International Airport, 130km from Allahabad), Lucknow (International Airport, 200km from Allahabad), and Kanpur (Domestic Airport, 200km from Allahabad).

Allahabad city is well connected to the National and State Highway network for transportation via road. State run buses are available from many major destination across the country. Routes are available and booking can be made from the UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) Many private operators also run private buses on routes from major cities. These routes and schedules can be accessed and bookings can be made on private aggregator websites like OSTS,,,