Posted on September 14, 2014

The recent floods that created havoc in Jammu & Kashmir brought the ever-growing issue of deforestation in the state into light as one of the important reasons to these floods, resulting in a disaster, not natural. Even though 'n' number of warnings were issued during Uttarakhand floods, no change was witnessed at individual or social level towards preserving what preserves us. Large number of trees are cut every year in the name of development, keeping the environmental aspect at stake.

"Environmentalists say last year's devastating flash floods in Uttarakhand, in which at least 5,000 were killed, and the unprecedented deluge in Jammu and Kashmir this year, both have the same cause - urbanization, reduced forest cover and erratic monsoon." - NDTV report.

Today, we stand at a point where even our small unsustainable actions can worsen the state of environment. Thus, it is our responsibility to ensure a healthy environment by planting trees, cleaning the surroundings and preventing the garbage from being dumped into the rivers. It is the high time we need to adopt a pro-active approach, rather than reactive!