Posted on May 25, 2014

Earth is home to over 1.5 million species. These diverse species are webbed together intricately within the laws of nature to sustain the cycle of life. Waste of one kingdom is food for another, resources of nature a positioned in a manner to sustain and satiate the distinct and vital needs of each species. Today this innate balance of life has been disrupted by single most powerful species on this earth – The Humans. Resources which were once abundant and sufficient for sustaining all forms of life are now delimited by increasing human demand. Consequently, humanity today is faced by serious water crisis, ever growing air pollution, massive deforestation, an overall ecosystem disruption and encompassing issues like climate change.

Not only this, the human created systems which form yardsticks of development also stand vulnerable as a consequence of disruption of natural systems and limiting resources.

Though we may not acknowledge, the impact of these disruptions on our daily living but certainly each of us is at the receiving end of these environmental disruptions. However, much more important to the current environmental context is the influence of human action on environment which has led humanity to this day.  Humans have shared a close relationship with nature since time immemorial, sometimes, getting influenced by nature and at the same time influencing it in turn. Over the years this relationship has underwent a dramatic change from a symbiotic to that of an exploitative, consequence being the fading harmony and balance between human systems and natural systems.

The systems which we have evolved and the development which we take pride in are built upon the extensive services drawn from natural ecosystems. The questions which we have reached in this ignorant process of resource consumption, find answers in our actions. Self – centered and consumerist approach of man has led to an unprecedented resource crunch which can lead to complete devastation of life. We have proven our ability to change the face of earth, though in a negative sense, in the past and today again we need to bring a change in our own attitude and actions to see a conducive, sustainable change.

The human malfunction and its consequences can only reach a positive end if we the humans awaken to our responsibility to take care of our very own planet.

Only we can make a difference!