Posted on April 20, 2014

…Today we women say that we are modern, we are liberated. But do we even understand - what liberation is. Ability to think and act right rather than being subdued and thinking that at least we wear modern clothes, we drive good cars and we work in corporate houses so we are modern liberated women.

I am Comp. Sc. Engineer and stay in a PG, where a doctor and Eco. Hons. CFA qualified girl all come together under the same roof. In our PG there is a floor occupied by a family in fact a very well educated family. One day the man of the house came home drunk and started beating his wife and kids and then threw them out of the house, the girls at the PG got her to our floor and consoled her. I was not present at that time, but later came to know of the incident, as a result I called the PG dealer to tell inform him of the situation so he could influence the PG owner to speak to the guy and not repeat this behavior again. Since I wasn’t present at the scene, he called the CFA girl to get first hand information but I was shocked at those girls response to his queries and did not tell him anything and the justification they provided – “It’s their house why should we interfere? We thought saving the family reputation was of prime importance.”  Pathetic! Sometimes it seems women are responsible for their own downfall.

There are three things I want to highlight here:

1. “The perception that this has happened to her and not me – why should I interfere? Besides, I don’t need to waste time and energy in somebody else’s matter.”

Well! What is this happens to you/your family?

2. They should have encouraged the woman to take action. If once a woman accepts the madness of the man , the man starts to thing that it is his birth right to misbehave with her and as previously explained the repeated action leads to carving this deeper into the man’s behavior.

3. Of course put social pressure on the man, so he behaves well.

As a child we used to stay on rent in a building which housed 6 families, two houses on each floors. On the first floor was well educated family. The woman had impeccable English and I would go to her house for English lessons. She was an epitome of modern woman – Smart, Intelligent and Pretty – all in one.

One day when we were sleeping, our sleep was disturbed by loud shrieks – The husband had come home drunk and was beating the woman. This kept repeating for a couple of days until the woman decided that she could take it no more. The next night when it happened again, the woman roared like a Lioness and pushed him down the stairs – bruised badly and with loss of respect in front of so many people, the husband felt embarrassed; he never came home drunk after that.  Today – to my definition of ‘Modern’ one more dimension was added – ‘Being Bold’.

For the second point stated above, I want to emphasize that once the woman gathers courage to break the behavior pattern the man has adopted – his bad neuronets will no more remain a path of least resistance and other neuronets emanating from emotions of disgrace from social pressure created by woman will overpower and he will refrain from doing wrong action again. Now the point is - how does woman gather courage? She has also developed the neuronets of weakness and timidness, which keep getting triggered all the time.

The answer is Brahm Gyan Meditation – this technique uses the power of divine light of the soul and rhythmic breathing to generate subtle nerve currents which generate energy such that cauterizes – deep engrained bad paths on the brain. It acts in the same manner as heat given to impure gold so it melts and all the impurities separate out. Further this method of meditation practiced with sincerity helps in forming positive path ways in the brain, the nerve currents produced by rhythmic breathing generates Will Power,  transforming us into  gigantic batteries of WILL POWER – Revolutionized me with Revolutionary Thinking , ready to Revolutionize the society . Simply Fabulous!!!

I’d like to end this with Swami Vivekananda’s quote – “Stand up, be bold, be string, Take the whole responsibility on your shoulders and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. All the strength and succor you want is within yourself. Therefore, make your own future.”