• Educating masses about the ill-effects of drugs
  • Discouraging the first time experiment
  • Treating obsessed minds through Dhyaan Therapy
  • Correctional and rehabilitation measures for the drug-dependents
  • Preventing relapses by positive engagement, aftercare and skill building activities
  • Capacity building of NGOs and community workers
Continuous use increases your tolerance and makes you dependent
Dhyaan Therapy completely reverses the graph of addiction. It transforms you from a dependent to a quitter and finally a non-user back again.

Drug abuse is no longer limited just to the tuxedo wearers at one end and the knife attackers on the other but finds place in open streets, campus areas, workplaces and almost every home. The 2012 World Drugs report shows that 230 million people worldwide had taken illegal drugs in the preceding year – a somewhat concerning one in every twenty.The growing competition, struggle for careers, peer pressure and the whole idea of fitting in the contemporary society pushes one towards the first experiment of drugs. However, experimentation is not just escapism or rebellion or fun but it is an indicator of absence of strong will power and knowledge about one’s true identity as a four dimensional human personality, as expounded by the Vedas and Upanishads (the Indian classics).

BODH – the Drug Abuse Eradication Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) has its root in Hindi literature meaning - “A Realization!” The program therefore works to unmask the inherent ability within individuals to say no to drugs forever and even to the very first experiment. With its two pronged approach of treatment and prevention it not just caters to addicts but also benefits those who have never touched any drug or those who have just experimented once or twice.

The program works with multilateral tools in institutes, communities, organizations and workplaces to prevent the abuse of drugs – the mind altering substances that has engulfed the youth, the middle aged as well as women into its clutch. Prevention work is undertaken by means of awareness sessions, information desks, educative and sensitizing posters exhibition, broadcast media and one on one counseling where rigid behaviors are given a step ahead attention and motivated through a unique psychoanalytical module developed under the benign guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the founder and head of DJJS and the source of energy behind transformation of lakhs of drug afflicted patients. This model includes counseling, assessment, detoxification, positive engagement, Dhyaan Therapy, relapse prevention and aftercare activities.

It is observed that though treatment for addiction is available but majority of the treated addicts relapse within a short period after the treatment. Bodh adopts an exclusive route to treat for extreme cases of addictionand prevent relapses. It, therefore, uses the instrumentality of dhyaan that immediately channelizes addict’s obsessed mind-intellect faculty towards the core of his/her four dimensional human personality and the powerhouse of strong will – ‘atman’, the real self.The aforementioned process called “Dhyaan Therapy” detoxify the drugged blood, revitalizes addicted nerves and conquers the mind eradicating completely the craving for drugs and thereby carving a drug free individual and hence a drug free society too.