India, the land of gods and goddesses ever since the Vedic age has believed in the interconnectedness of nature. Its principle value of संगच्छद्वं संवदद्ध्वं cited in the Rig Veda which means ‘Let us move together’ is till date endorsed as the mool mantra for success, the worldover. Extending the said philosophy, the American business magazine ‘Forbes’ states - To empower others for success, sharing of knowledge is must! Walking on the same lines, Kamdhenu – the Indian Cow Breed Improvement & Conservation program of DJJS under the able guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is not just evolving methodologies for breed improvement in its own gaushala but is also potently empowering farmers, cow breeders, students of veterinary studies and animal husbandry as well as staff forms other gaushalas through capacity building and training workshops.

In these workshops, knowledge is enhanced over subjects of native breed identification of indigenous cows on the basis of diverse phenotypic features and their milking as well as draught potentials; different strategies that can be incorporated to avoid indiscriminate breeding and thereby implementing selective breeding for best results and motivation for extending care and comfort to cows so as to give them back their status of mother of all. 

We also provide indigenous bulls as well as superior quality semen from bulls of pure indigenous breeds to go-palaks and departments of animal husbandry etc.