A Sustainable Societal Development Model

Kamdhenu – The Indian Cow Breed Improvement & Conservation Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) is primarily focused on re-establishing value of Indian Cow as pivot of any ideal sustainable society. Through its unique advocacy based approach; Kamdhenu is rigorously raising societal awareness and cultural sensitivity in Indian Cow's perspective pertaining to its contribution in the socio-spiritual lives of people and the health, environment, agriculture and economic sector; thereby creating an innate need for conservation of Indian Cows. On the flip side, through action based projects such as selective breeding, bull mother farming, pedigree chart management, research & development and capacity building of farmers, breeders and other gaushalas by providing them with high quality bulls as well as semen; Kamdhenu is efficaciously enhancing Indian Breeds of Cows both in numbers and quality. Further, its branches – gobar electricity plant, manure composting plant, organic farming and ayurvedic medicines makes it a zero-waste and thus a sustainable system.


Unraveling the Socio Cultural & Scientific significance of Indian Cows

The Atharva Veda through its verse - अपस्त्वं धुक्षे प्रथमा उर्वरा अपरा वशे तृतीयं राष्ट्रं धुक्षोऽन्न क्षीरं वशे त्वम् talks about the 3-tier developmental attributes of Mother Cow as giver of healthy milk, sustainer of agriculture and provider of strong backbone to the Nation. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is reviving the same age old cultural practice of cattle rearing and worship of Cow as Mother with exceptional focus on the social, economic and environmental benefits of Indigenous Breeds of Cows through Kamdhenu – the Indian Cow Breed Improvement & Conservation Program of DJJS. Rendering a scientific insight into the milk qualities of non-Indigenous Cows with respect to Indian Cows as A1 and A2, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji raises a genuine query that how can a Cow producing A1 milk which is causing diseases like Autism, Type 1 Diabetes, Schizophrenia, Cancer and Heart Attacks (July 13, 2004, "Beta Casein A1 and A2 in Milk and Human Health" Report - Boyd Swinburn, MD); be called as a Mother?

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  • Indian Cow Breed Improvement

    Not just cows but it is important to conserve bulls of indigenous breeds (who act as seeds) and ensure selective breedin…

  • Capacity Building

    Dissemination of high quality bulls and semen for enhancing the progeny of pure indigenous breeds of cows across the nat…

  • Awareness Generation

    Kamdhenu addresses veterinary students, scientific community, representatives from animal husbandry, youth groups

  • Gau Katha

    Indian literature is full of stories and legends associated with Cow, be it Lord Krishna’s efforts of dairy reforms in…

  • Kamdhenu Care

    Health & Medical Check-ups including proper care, provision of comfort and freedom of movement for grazing

  • Research & Development

    Kamdhenu branches out into gobar electricity plant, organic farming project and laboratory for creation of Ayurvedic med…


Kamdhenu Gaushala homes Indian Breeds of Cows mainly Sahiwal, Gir, Kankrej and Tharparkar. But it is not just a shelter for cows rather it is a culturally motivated RESEARCH CENTER in its own way; focused on Indian Breed Improvement as its primary object. To realize the same, Kamdhenu Gaushala uses integrated technologies based on Vedic wisdom and contemporary scientific knowledge for the purpose of natural service with bulls, selective breeding, prevention of in-breeding, artificial insemination, preservation of semen, cultivation and storage of green fodder, processing of feed concentrate and health & medical checkups of cows and bulls.


Ayurvedic Medicines

Cow's urine, dung, milk, curd, ghee and pith mixed together into a concoction forms shadgavya. This is used in ayurvedic and natutopathic treatments.

Gobar Electricity Plant

One cow's waste can produce enough electricity to light two 100-watt light bulbs for 24 hours a day.

Organic Farming

1 Kg of Cow Dung mixed with Biomass produces 20-25 Kg of Bio Fertilizer.

The archetypal model of Kamdhenu sustains itself as a closed loop system wherein the kamdhenu gaushala takes up a two-fold role play as that of a consumer as well as a producer. At the consuming end, it receives varied input in the form of care, comfort, feed, hygiene, medicine and research, experimentation, execution and management of selective breeding processes. And on the other edge, kamdhenu gaushala is an optimal production house of cow milk, cow urine and cow dung which act as raw materials for branch projects of kamdhenu model that actually ensure its sustainability. These are - ayurvedic medicines, organic farming and gobar electricity plant respectively.


Panchgavya in Sanskrit means a blend of five products obtained from cow and holds an important place in Ayurvedic medicine. It is basically a concocti…

The Atharva Veda through its verse - Apastvam Dhukshe Prathama Urvara Apara Vashe, Tritiyam Rashtram Dhukshoanna Ksheram Vashe Tvam talks about the 3-…


On the auspicious occasion of Gopashtami 2021, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the banner of its Indian Cow Breed Improvement & Conservation Program – Kamdhenu, organized a spectacular Ga…

Kamdhenu Project is an initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) which aims at preservation, breed improvement and creating awareness regarding use of Indian breed of cows. Apart from social a…