• Awareness Generation over Elimination of Cow Slaughter
  • Re-establishing value of Mother Cow as Pivot of Sustainable Society
  • Motivate Indian community to use A2 milk
  • Indian Cow Breed Improvement
  • Bull Mother Farming
  • Capacity Building of farmers, breeders & other gaushalas

The customary culture of India has rewarded Indian Cow as a Mother of the whole world. गावो विश्वस्य मातरः The Indian Cow as one of the pillars of ancient Indian culture has also provided a strong basis for sustainable development in countries where she is reared. Since past one hundred and fifty years, high quality breeds (dam best lactation yields) of indigenous cows and bulls have been taken by foreigners to their lands, for the purpose of ensuring holistic health, agricultural growth and stout economy to their nation. Ironically, today, countries like Brazil, America, Mexico, Australia and South Africa home indigenous breeds of cows in large number but sadly, she is on the verge of extinction at her native place - India. The heart sobs even more by the fact that today she is even slaughtered to death in our country for the purpose of fancy edibles, fashion accessories and export. The story of disregard doesn't end here. The invaders who came to India in the past mislead innocent people to an extent that they let their indigenous breeds lose on the roads and instead endorsed foreign breeds. Unfortunately, what our country houses today is variety hybrids of indigenous and foreign breeds. As a result what we drink on the name of milk is slow poison leading to modern-day diseases such as Autism, Type-1 Diabetes, Ischaemic Heart Disease and Schizophrenia etc.

Absence or scarcity of something that safeguards interests, concern, growth and development of a system can prove to be fatal for the same system leading to its complete downfall. Same is what happened due to draining out of Indian cows from the homes of Indian farmers. Health is one loss but it even shattered the sustainable agricultural economy of the nation. Today we are importing chemical fertilizers for our farms and not just paying huge amounts for it but also, its repeated usage has made our lands barren and less productive. Even for the purpose of tilling, we now depend on synthetic technology based on fuel.

Against this backdrop, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is working with a unique rationale. The focus is not just provision of shelter in the form of gaushalas to the cows roaming on the roads; it is also not production of milk quantities rather the underlying philosophy behind DJJS Kamdhenu is to reinstate lost value of mother cow in contemporary hearts too and enhancing the number of high quality indigenous breeds to ensure its presence in as many homes as possible. The idea is to reverse the downfall cycle of Indian cows which started from its abandoning by farmers and Indian homes. For the realization of the same, Kamdhenu incorporates practices of selective breeding, bull mother farming and usage of contemporary scientific knowledge and technology too; thereby, acting as a potent resource centre of effective bulls, semen and wisdom for breeders and other gaushalas. Therefore, Kamdhenu works with a two-pronged approach: Advocacy Based Projects & Action Based Projects.