Motherhood has ever since eternity been the profoundest virtue of Indian culture. Reverence for mother India, mother Ganga, mother Gita and mother cow was absorbed in Indian blood. This cultural heritage though seem to fade in the light of contemporary lifestyles, still finds home in the hearts of a large number of population which abides by the eternal principles of religion even today. There is a strong culture driven belief system that idolizes mother cow as giver of peace, prosperity and wealth.

But also noteworthy is the fact that Indigenous cow is not just a giver but a mother of all. Because of her innate role in development, the whole world admires her as a mother. She is a symbol of compassion and selflessness and therefore deserves love, care, comfort, freedom, compassion and dignity. We, at Kamdhenu Gaushalas take utmost care of mother cows. Taking care of her food and nutrition, we provide her with vitamin rich nutrient feed along with dry and green fodder that she takes in routine. The green fodder for mother cow is especially grown organically in sansthan’s own Hitkari Kheti farms and are thus absolutely chemical free. The milk, urine, dung, panchgavya and shadgavya from mother cows which is used to make ayurvedic medicines in sansthan’s own pharmacy is thus chemical free too.
Mother cows at Kamdhenu Gaushala are provided with regular medical and health checkups. There are special veterinary doctors appointed for the same. Selective breeding through Artificial Insemination (AI) is also carried out by expert team of veterinary doctors. The premises of Kamdhenu Gaushala are maintained hygienic and clean through regular washing and instant transfer of dump out of the Gaushala, into the pits for composting. Cow dung is burned as a mosquito repellant. Apart from this, Kamdhenu Gaushalas also have special mosquito nets for its cow sheds.

Kamdhenu Gaushala, hence comes across as a real time cow care center in its own. The best part of its ideology is that its gates are open even for outsiders to come and render their services to mother cows. The lifestyles of today don’t allow people to rear cows at homes because of space as well as time crunch. But Kamdhenu Gaushala in itself is an opportunity and place where anyone can donate or adopt indigenous cows and reap religious benefits. Also, in the spiritual ambience of Kamdhenu Gaushala where Vedic chanting and Yajnas are performed on regular basis, we also conduct Gau Daan and Gau Yajna ceremonies in authentic Vedic style.