• Generation of public awareness on environmental issues
  • Promotion of environmental education
  • Engagement of masses in environmental protection initiatives
  • Instigation of pro-environmental behaviour
  • Promotion of sustainable living

Selfish choices and unchecked and ignorant human actions have led the planet to the brink of complete devastation. The root cause of this irresponsible human behaviour lies in the fading human- nature relationship. The long- lived relationship of mutualism has gradually translated into one of extraction and exploitation. Thus, we believe that the only way to alleviate the planet of this environmental crisis is through conservation and re-establishment of this fading human- nature relationship of mutualism.

Sustainable environmental conservation can be achieved only when the compassion towards nature and fellow beings sprouts from within. Only when man awakens to his innate connection to nature, he will voluntarily act towards its conservation.

Based on this underlying principle, Sanrakshan follows a unique integrative approach to deal with conservation issues. It blends the contemporary conservation methods with the eternal spiritual science of self-realization. With the focus on permanently transforming individual attitudes towards environment, through the eternal technique of self-realization- Brahm Gyan we awaken individuals to their soul existence, the level at which we are one with the nature, one with the cosmos. Thus the innate connection with nature is practically known and then the individual is steered towards pro- environmental living. 

The program adopts a prevention and repair mechanism, sensitizing masses to prevent them from plundering resources and engaging them in environmental action like tree plantation, cleanliness drives etc. to repair the damage already caused to the environment.