Posted on June 11, 2014

The question looks so simple to answer, infact almost everyone would answer it as ‘Living’ but if we dive deep into introspection, we might change our answer.

The most primitive definition of living is having a disease-free, satisfied and prosperous life. But the new definition seems to have changed; it’s about EARNING MORE AND SPENDING MORE, living an ultra-luxurious life and a constant drive to earn materialistic surroundings for ourselves.

Even though one earns enough for personal satisfaction and accumulates enough for life time, but even then deep down one groans of hollowness and void.

Life isn’t perfect; Oh…I do not have this.”

“I am overcoming my recent breakup.”

 “I am struggling with my health”

Money, fame, materials are all there, yet life is unsatisfied, incomplete and unhealthy. We thought we would live like a king with all materials at hand but life has actually become a story of survival, where someone is struggling with physical ailments and some with mental stress. Health itself has become a big issue today, what to talk of intangibles like satisfaction and prosperity.

Living with no disease is not the true definition of health, it is mere survival.  But to actually live life in holistic health we need something else too, apart from just being disease free. Thinking we are healthy and being healthy can be two different things. We are certainly safer than we were in past but are we healthier?

The health statistics clearly depicts our condition. The growing sales of health supplements and revitalizers is another indicator of our struggle for health. With development we have the best medicines and treatments available yet complete health seems far from attainable.

For complete health, the phenomenon of health needs to manifest at all the three levels of existence of an individual- body, mind and soul. To keep ourselves florid we need serve our inner soul.

This vicious circle of surviving has blotted out the real living mode from our brains. In the tussle of feeding our never ending fraudulent needs, we have left our souls to starve. We have forgotten to LIVE !

Now, the question arises… How to live…? How can we be happy…? How can we serve our inner self…? 

Well the answer lies learning the true art of living. This art is the key to happiness and prosperity. Living is not the continuous chase for completeness in materials and luxuries. Infact it is the run which is instigated by our unsatisfied, confused and diseased minds. Hence, to live is to stop chasing the wrong things, introspect, connect with our inner self and subsequently treat our restless, diseased minds. Thus, learn the art of getting connected with the soul, start practicing the technique that connects us to the real energies which leads to the SELF REALIZATION.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the founder and head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan endows and enlighten us with the treasure to lead a meaningful life.

So without wasting time unleash the ultimate power within you!