Posted on May 7, 2014

You all must have heard the age old mantra of health…I remember granny used to say it often when I was a kid, “Dear! Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. The mantra of health is byheart to all of us, but life in actual is just the reverse…late to bed and struggling to rise…is making me sluggish, obese and imprecise.

Reality is that it is not just a saying, but actually it encapsulates a deep science within. Our body is just like an alarm clock, pre-programmed with alarms for eating, drinking and sleeping. Scientist call this the action of biological clock which determines the activity pattern of an organism. It is this biological clock which determines whether you are a nocturnal creature or a diurnal creature. Everything your energy, your health, your activity is defined by this biological clock.

The biological clock of man is set at diurnal, working when the sun shines and resting when it sets. Our activity cycle is synchronous to the cycle of the sun. It is just like that of sunflower which opens when the sun rises and follows the motion of the sun to close down when the sun sets. And clearly the color, the beauty and the health of sunflower is all dependent on the sun.

It is for this reason that, dincharya (the specific daily routine) prescribed by Ayurveda for each individual holds rising early and going off to sleep timely as most important. Though the modern science has only recently acknowledged the importance of biological clock in maintaining the health of an individual, however the Indian traditional system of treatment Ayurveda includes extensive knowledge of the impact of biological rhythms on diet, treatment of disease, behaviour and numerous other factors related to individual body type.

I know the question knocking at your brain is “Ok! I agree but who wants to sleep late…what do I do of my busy schedule.”

Agreed! But again Ayurveda shows us the way out. Remember those rishis sitting in meditation, the meditating pose of Mahatma Buddha, friends it’s not that they did not have work, infact they had missions like healing the world, establishing peace. They lead simple lives with basic minimum resources. Today we lead luxurious lives but yet our health is surrounded with question marks. Why such a difference? They had the art of managing their biological rhythm. It’s like you can wound or unwound your watch on your own to make it indicate the perfect time always. Likewise Ayurveda prescribes this supreme art- the art of meditation, regular practise of which can reduce your sleep cycle and keep you healthy even in your busy schedules.

Ah! Thinking what’s new in this I knew this already…

No friends closing your eyes and sitting in lotus posture is not meditation...Then what is it??

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