• Bridging the health services gap
  • Extending health education and awareness
  • Sustaining the health assistance services

The foundation of the program is laid on the vedic concept of health:

Meaning the one who is stationed within his true self actually enjoys the state of complete health. Here ‘swa’ refers to true self ‘atma’ or soul consciousness and identification of individual identity with his/ her true self, the soul existence is the key to complete health.

Vedanta declares that man is not just body but an integrated personality made of three different personality layers- Body, mind and soul. Thus a healthy individual is one who enjoys wellbeing at all the three personality levels. Physical ailments are merely the face of longstanding disturbances in the health system of an individual. These disturbances arise from the disturbing waves of happiness and sorrow originating at the level of mind.Today scientists prove that various complexes, dissatisfaction, unfulfilled desires, unacknowledged emotions etc. lead to mental ailments like stress, depression, brain anomalies. And these prolonged mental ailments lead to diverse physical ailments. Modern medication works well to treat the symptoms of the physical ailments but mental causes of these ailments remain uncured. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. Physical and mental existences of a human being are sustained through nourishment of soul. Thus, vedanta states that realizing the core level of one’s existence, the soul,whose innate quality is peace, tranquility and stability, an individual finds a gateway to move beyond these disturbing waves’emotions arising at the level of mind.Hence, realization of true- self is the key to complete health.

Realizing the said principle the program works comprehensively on all three dimensions of human health- Body, Mind and Soul. Acknowledging the growing health challenges of modern day living,Aarogya is redefining medical assistance by promoting integrated medication services. With the primary emphasis on Ayurvedic treatment therapies, it readily blends best of allopathic, homeopathic and other medication systems for effective treatment of patients. Vilakshanyog, pranayama, and naturopathy form an important limb of treatment systems at Aarogya.

The program adopts a preventive- curative approach. It places its initiatives mainly in far and distant underserved communities addressing their special health concerns and bridging the prevailing health service divide. Each of the initiatives is customized as per the local needs and involve and optimum blend of awareness generation and service provision. Innovative tools including local folk and local dialect are used to ensure maximum information dissemination