Nav Yug Ki Bhor

A priceless contribution of devotional songs infused with an underlying spiritual message.

  • Type: DVD - Bhajans & Satsang
  • Language: Hindi

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Akhand Gyan - Monthly Magainze

akhand gyan

To bring back the lost luster and infuse each life with divinity through the message of Brahm Gyan so that every soul is blessed and Peace reigns supreme. Brahm Gyan is the sole basis for the making of a peaceful world. And a Poorna Guru alone can bestow this foundational knowledge… I live to these profound words of my Master. And, since the day of my inception, I have set forth on a grand mission to fulfill…to live it in my every page, my every corner, my every single word, i.e. to spread the significance of Guru and Brahm Gyan.

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