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Akhand Gyan - Monthly Magazine

Akhand Gyan was born and shaped by the Holy hands of His Highness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The purpose was grand and magnificent in itself- to bring to light the real definition of 'spirituality' and wipe off the plethora of misconceptions dwelling in the minds of theists as well as the non-believers of God. It is clearly evident that the society has today lost its luster. It has moved miles away from the resort of its maker, union with whom was its prime goal. This dreariness accounts to the absence of the fundamental attribute from its structure– Brahm Gyan! And, this is what my purpose is- to bring back the lost luster and infuse each life with divinity through the message of Brahm Gyan so that every soul is blessed and Peace reigns supreme. Brahm Gyan is the sole basis for the making of a peaceful world. And a Poorna Guru alone can bestow this foundational knowledge… I live to these profound words of my Master. And, since the day of my inception, I have set forth on a grand mission to fulfill…to live it in my every page, my every corner, my every single word, i.e. to spread the significance of Guru and Brahm Gyan.

  • Raising a voice against ill practices prevailing in the society!
  • Providing complete nourishment to body-mind-spirit!
  • Containing lucid and richly interesting contents which tickle the Real You!
  • Guiding your foot-steps to success and satiation!
  • Highlighting the transcendental essence (Brahm Gyan) of all scriptures!

Highlights of this Month

Are you eating enslavement, grief and diseases?

We no longer eat food only to nourish the body with the required nutrients. It’s relished by the taste buds and enjoyed by all our senses. The urge of satisfying the taste buds is so overpowerin…

दिव्य ज्योति का दर्शन

सत्गुरु दीक्षा में क्या देते हैं? यह बात हमने बहुत बार सुनी है- "गुरु बिना ज्ञान नहीं हो सकता।" संत कबीर दास जी भी कहते हैं- गुरु बिन ज्ञान न उपजै, गुरु बिन मिलै न मोष। गुरु बिन लखै न सत्य को, गुरु बिन मैटैं न दोष।। परन्तु बात यहीं…

Featured Articles

Does Life Exist in the Extra-Terrestrial World?

Throw a glance at the golden sky in the evening. It looks as if someone has spread a vast sheet, which has no beginning or an end! Under its protective shade, our Earth was born and brought up. From infancy to its growth to the topmost civilizations- she (Mother Earth) has learnt everything under this caring umbrella. When a child is born, it looks at the world outside with inquisitive eyes, without battling the eyelids, and tries to identify...

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