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Mind-to-Mind Messaging

There are times when you are in the middle of something important and suddenly you hear an inner voice to call your friend. When you call, the other person says, “Oh I was thinking of calling you just now.” There are times during a discussion when somebody suggests the same idea that you had in your mind and you exclaim, “Hey, you read my mind!” Sometimes you receive a message in the form of a thought, dream, vision, or through clairaudience that can lead you to change the course of action. That change could be in your travel plan, daily schedule, or making an important decision of your life. Transfer of such messages to your mind and how you actually receive them may not just be a coincidence. We refer to this phenomenon as ‘Telepathy’. More research is now being done than ever before to explore further whether and how it’s possible. However, telepathy has been into existence for long.

Telepathy is the communication between two minds which are separated over a distance, without the use of the five known senses. ‘Telepathy’ is a Greek word derived from two words. ‘Tele’ means ‘distant’ or ‘distance’ and ‘pathe’ means ‘occurrence’ or ‘feeling’. So, it actually means getting feelings through a distance. It may not necessarily be between humans. Animals are also capable of sending and receiving messages without any sensory intervention. Instinctual telepathy is one of the most common types of telepathy and some of the indigenous cultures still use it as a mode of communication. Area around the solar plexus of our belly, which is the centre of instinct and emotion, is used in this type of telepathy to send messages from one body to another. That is the reason we often call it as a gut feeling.

…With the coming of smart gadgets, telepathy may have lost its relevance today. …

… Spiritual or soul telepathy is the highest type of telepathy, which transcends the mental plane. …

… Till date, there is constant one-way communication happening, where our thoughts are being transferred to God. …However, in order to make this communication, what we need to do?

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