The Eternal Knowledge

    'Brahm Gyan' (Divine Knowledge) is an eternal technique through which we can practically experience and realize God.

Broadly speaking, we gather mere intellectual information about God through the following mediums:-

  • listening to lectures and spiritual discourses
  • reading books
  • engaging in philosophical talks and discussions
These mediums of ‘information collection’ are insufficient to attain the goal of Self Realization. By remaining confined to scriptural knowledge, we deprive ourselves of the practical knowledge, experience and realization of God and consequently, fail to imbibe the Supreme Truth in our day-to-day life.

Therefore, all the Holy Scriptures and enlightened Saints and Seers have always encouraged man to get initiated into practical knowledge of God – ‘Brahm Gyan’.

The entire process of Initiation into Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge), necessarily entails extraordinary perception of the following. Not only these, but one procures many more Celestial Visions and Experiences …


It is, verily, the metaphysical form of the True Self (Atman), which, in its resplendent light form, pervades our inner core.


It is the eternal music, ever reverberating within.


It is the Primordial Vibration that has manifested itself as the Universe and is the lifeline of all existence on Earth, flowing within our Prana – the Vital breaths.


It is the Ultimate Elixir percolating within the human brain from a location called 'Brahm Randhra' in Sanskrit.

How to receive Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge) ?

  • 1
    Firstly, every aspirant has to go through a simple process of listening to the Spiritual Discourses, conducted by the organisation at its various centres and other venues, to know about practical spirituality in true sense, as per our sacred texts.
  • 2
    Secondly, aspirants, without any distinction, are allowed to pour out their genuine spiritual queries to our authorised Preachers. There is no fee for such interactive sessions.
  • 3
    Once queries are clarified and the concerned Preacher is assured that the individual is well conversant with the basics of Spirituality and, above all, has a genuine thirst for the perception of God, the individual is allowed to go for Initiation into Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge).