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Does Life Exist in the Extra-Terrestrial World?

Throw a glance at the golden sky in the evening. It looks as if someone has spread a vast sheet, which has no beginning or an end! Under its protective shade, our Earth was born and brought up. From infancy to its growth to the topmost civilizations- she (Mother Earth) has learnt everything under this caring umbrella.

When a child is born, it looks at the world outside with inquisitive eyes, without battling the eyelids, and tries to identify the objects. Modern Science did something similar. As soon as it crossed childhood and stepped into its youth, with the telescopic toys it began to examine, scrutinize and appreciate this sheet studded with the moon, the countless stars and several planets. The scientists were left surprised and stunned on estimating its limitlessness! …

The inquisitiveness of the scientists did not restrict that far only. Their further curiosity was, whether these celestial bodies which are millions and millions of miles away from Planet Earth, are simply the rotating balls? Or is there life comparable to the one existing on Planet Earth? In fact, why only scientists, we all have this curiosity in us which bothers us- Is there life anywhere else too under this blue sky?

… There was an age when we did not just count the stars while sitting on Planet Earth; we did not just engage ourselves in thinking about the various possibilities regarding the celestial bodies in space; we did not just remain busy in drawing the designs of the galaxies and the various formations of the stars, by taking the assistance of space artists. Instead, that was the Age, when our sages used to travel to those celestial bodies as one would go to neighbourhood villages! …

Do you find it difficult to believe? Come, we will  take you for an enlightening tour … To get a clear picture of the grandeur of the science of cosmology of that era, read the complete article in the April edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine 2015.

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