Farewell to Drugs Forever

An inquisitive person asked the learned one, "Please tell me what is intoxication like?" The Knowledgeable, thought for a while and commented, “Nasha-na sham-shantirmaya iti nasha” – meaning thereby, in which an iota of happiness and peace doesn’t exist – that is intoxication! What a profound commentary full of latent essence! One dives into the pool of intoxication, to get happiness and gratification.

In reality, the end results are contrary to expectations. He is not rewarded but awarded punishment. Cruel destiny takes hold of him. Feelings of misery engulf his personality. The oscillating golden crops of his mental farm, wither away. His granary-like heart turns empty. He remains totally confused. His mind is a muffled drum. He falters-seeks pleasure again through intoxication. Soon, his expectations ditch him. The wrong train of thoughts lead him to wrong destinations.

Intoxication, in reality, is essenceless! Totally dry! By the time this realization dawns on him, he has landed himself in a deplorable and pitiable plight! The one who does to intoxication, loses his life-sustaining power, slowly and steadily. This void is the reason for his doom and disastrous consequences, that challenge and subdue him!

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