Spiritual Guru

    A Spiritual Guru is the one, who Himself is attuned to Almighty and has the apt capacity and capability to practically show and make one realize the True Self (Atman) within oneself.

Acting as our Spiritual Guide and a trusted counsellor, he guides us during our spiritual journey.

At every step of our life, we come across one or the other mentor. At each step, we encounter someone who directs us and, thus, can be honoured as our teacher. In childhood, our parents teach us how to walk, how to speak, how to eat, and mandatory etiquettes. Thus, the foundation of our life is vitally affected by the rules of conduct taught by our parents. As we grow up, we are sent to schools, where we study and, hence, get influenced by different teachers. After schooling, we move to colleges for higher education and are guided by the professors. Thus, throughout the journey of our life, we get influenced and motivated by one or the other instructor.

Thus it is advisable to seek the refuge and guidance of a Spiritual Teacher for experiencing the supreme science of God.

The Sanskrit word for a Spiritual Teacher is ‘Satguru’, where ‘sat’ means true and ‘guru’ is the word defined as:

gu andhera jaaniye ru kahiye prakaash,
mete agyaantam gyaan se guru naam he taas.

The word ‘guru’ is comprised of the roots ‘gu’ and ‘ru’. ‘Gu’ implies darkness and ‘ru’ stands for light. So, the one who can take us from darkness to light, meaning the one who can show us divine light within, dispelling the darkness of ignorance is a True Guru or a Perfect Master.

His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is one such Spiritual Guru, who is benignant & imparts ‘Brahm Gyan’ to the genuine Spiritual aspirants. By His grace, lakhs of inquisitives have directly experienced the supreme within, thus commencing the journey into the inner realms of their Self. His potent directions reconcile worldly and the spiritual life of an aspirant, who then enjoys each moment of his blessed life.