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I am stress free

I am positive

I am fresh all day

Because I do ‘pranayam’ everyday

A good job, a handsome package, elite circle of friends, up-market wardrobe, latest gadgets and a high end lifestyle – all these put together also don’t make me hold on to my happiness forever. But these are the assets of a happy and contemporary living. Such an ironical reality!

So where is the bottleneck? Let’s face the truth of our being and be honest with ourselves.  The way wearing a façade of a rich man on stage doesn’t make us rich in real life similarly the coins of success and status in our wallet also leave us as mere effigies of a comfortable, relaxed and stress free life. Why would otherwise a man with loaded pocket crave for a smile that a broke has on his lips?

It’s high time. Let’s replace ‘I am tense’ card with ‘I am stress free’, ‘How do I overcome negative thoughts?’ with ‘I am positive’ and ‘I feel lazy and lethargic at work’ with ‘I am fresh all day’. But how? Aarogya (holistic health program of DJJS) has the solution. You don’t need hectic diets; you don’t need tiresome gymming schedules and no more Prozac – the third most prescribed anti-depressant in United States.

All you need is fresh air. Breathe in and breathe out. But hang on, it’s not so simple. You need to breathe in at specific intervals and breathe out too in an orderly fashion. That is Pranayam. The ancient vedic knowledge of breathing exercises that cannot just make you physically fit, tone your body but also take care of your strained nerves.

Tanks of pure oxygen is all what you need. But wait, don’t just get up and start looking for oxygen bars in casinos and malls. By just getting back to wisdom of past and striking a human nature relationship you can restore good amount of oxygen in your bodies.

Pranayam yogic kriyas done at divine hours of the day i.e. before sunrise can increase your energy levels, cut down on your sleep and lethargy and make you positive and stress free twenty four seven.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the founder and head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) and the sole mentor behind demystification of authentic vedic wisdom and therefore vikshan yog and pranayam yogic kriyas say that the extra oxygen atoms in our blood wage a war against carbonized content in the blood cells and thereby decarbonizes the whole blood enhancing not just lung function but brain activity too.

The chord of balance is then struck between the left and the right brain taking full control of your right and left body respectively and therefore making you truly aarogya.