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As we read the works of seers and prophets, we can conclude that the fruits of the labour of divine love are more rewarding than the fruits of loving ephemeral creation. “When Love called my heart towards Him, my heart began to flee from all creation. Creatures are sticks; the blind man flings away the stick, when . . . he begins to see!” -Rumi

Moreover, by bringing the experiences of the seers upon ourselves directly through contemplation and dhyana-sadhana, we can realise more and more that there is great Compassion in the heart of the True Beloved. Despite our infractions and blunders, how compassionate He is towards each and every soul. He does not give them anything less than what they deserve and gives them more in reciprocation of just one small gesture of love and affection. He never leaves our side; silently listens; wisely guides.

Here is an incident that took place in the life of the U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln. A certain official said to him that God would be on his side today. Lincoln said that he was not concerned about that. His concern was that if he would be on God's side. He was concerned only about his own acceptance of God's Light. Whether or not God took his side was not the question. He said that God will always be on his side and it was his bounden duty to be on God's side.

There are many other such realisations, as the one aforementioned, that dawn upon us as we exert to reunite with the storehouse of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. Akhand Gyan has always been replete with examples of aspirants, disciples and sages who made it their life's purpose to never let a day pass in dullness and haze of ignorance or lethargy. On the contrary, each and every breath was spent in aspiration for the Truth and basking in the joys of realisation and peace.

Would we be demanding too much from ourselves if we aspire for the Higher Truth? Is it too much to urge one to dedicate his/her each and every breath to invoking the Divinity? In this modern age,
where one minor request is perceived as if an arm was asked to be cut off, the urgency maintained to devote more and more time in pursuing an inward quest is received with the rolling of the eyes. Is it justified?