Check Your Belief System! djjs blog

We all practise spirituality but in our own fashion and style, which we find as the most 'convenient' and the most 'suitable' for ourselves!

Either provided or self-engendered, with our belief systems- we land up in a practice with which is attached our mind-set, our routine, and our character. Some of these practices are- visiting temples, worshipping deities, spending time with ourselves, meditation etc. The most popular among all of them is - doing good karmas.

According to us, the belief system(s) we opt for and adopt is/are the best standard(s) and the most trustworthy means of 'practical spiritualism'. We promptly implement and employ them in different phases of our lives; like, professional competition, peer pressure, urge to perform better than the best, strained relationships, dilemma in decision-making, superiority or inferiority complex, and the guilt of going wrong at many points. In such situations, steps in our belief system, which is supposed to make us strong to face all these, stand with tranquility and act in the sanest way possible. It is essentially the one that decides our reaction in extreme situations of life.

So now, would you like to judge your belief system and know how efficient and practical it is? Okay, friends, just ask yourself...

  • “Do you ever feel insecure, scared, or lonely in life?
  • Do you ever feel knocked down by the sadness syndrome?
  • Does happiness come to you naturally or by situations, objects, or people around you?
  • Do you ever hang among your conflicting heart, mind, and soul?
  • Are your actions and your thoughts created on the foothold of a vacillating mind?”…

My dear friends, if the answer is 'YES', then this is the right time to assess the worth of your belief system.

Be a skeptic and ask your faithful mind- 'Does your belief system fulfill that what you have been following it for?'

Well, let's discuss a few practical instances related to the various existing belief systems and try to discover whether they have been a genuine benefactor or just lending a showy or temporary relief?

I still remember a friend of mine in the graduation days who was brilliant in academics and simply outstanding in extra-curricular activities, such as initiating projects, taking responsibilities, and everything good that one can relate to college days. But, often, he would say, 'I need a break, yaar! I am really feeling a dire need to be with myself. I know I am popular, but I am really not natural. Actually, I myself don't know which energy accelerates my mind towards everything outstanding I do!'

So, 'to be with myself'- this is the most talked-about belief system that youths of today are undertaking frequently. But, my Gurudev, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, often says- 'How can one be with himself unless he is introduced to his Inner Self? In a way, one can, at the most, explore his mind, heart, and intellect but never meet his real Self. So, first adopt a system (Brahm Gyan) that reveals to you the real you. Then, you don't need to specially spare out time to be with yourself; rather, you would repose in Self every single second.'

Secondly, let's talk about those who meditate in their self-devised fashion. It is expected that they must, by its regular practice, have developed an attitude to remain calm, speak softly, stay pure at heart, reflect honesty in gestures, and, on the top of everything, remain detached from relations and all achievements in life.

Thirdly, there is a category of those who believe that spirituality is visiting temples religiously and worshipping deities every day. However, they need to acquire wisdom to grasp the essence behind the various forms of deities and every ritualistic act they perform, right from the blowing of conches (Shankh) to the lighting of lamps. They, after decoding the hidden message in forms and rituals, should then be self-motivated to search for the higher and deeper means of worship. 

Fourthly, we go to those who think performing good deeds is spirituality; they too should have the insight to judge the factual goodness of the deed and, also, the foresight to see their deed ultimately ending up in something noble. Confused? Well! Don't be! Just give this a thought- You are generous enough to donate two dollars to a beggar. But, are you sure he will buy food and nothing else with that money? What if he drinks alcohol with your money and tortures his family after that? So, will this ultimately add a good deed in your account of karmas?

Friends, in case you think your belief system falls short even by 1% on the aforesaid parameters, then you seriously need to think again. It suffices to prove that you lack the real realisation. Realisation of the basic roots of your own belief system! Realisation of the eternal source of spirituality! Realisation of yourself! It is the factor of realisation that adds reasoning to your belief system, hence paving the way for spirituality that enlightens you with Self-Knowledge (Brahm Gyan).

Just imagine a day without stress, pressure, quarrels, frustration, and loose emotions! With peace, stability, and control over anything and everything you do! Believe me, it's not at all difficult! You just need a True Guru, a Genuine Preceptor, to bless you with Divine Knowledge.

'So, your goal and path are here! You just need to realise, access, and accept it!'