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Saint Dadu Dayal  Ji enlightens-   "O pilgrims of this world! You have to leave this world today or tomorrow. You don't comprehend the import of this reality nor are you paying any attention to this. You are indulging in indecent and have closed your eyes to this fact of life. Awake and devote your mind to the recitation of Name of the Lord."

Saints enlighten that Name of the Lord is the eternal thing, recitation of which will bless the Jiva with true happiness he yearn for. This eternal Name is bestowed by the saints when Jiva seeks refuge of their Lotus feet. This is their gracious boon.

When Dhruva sat in the lap of his father, his step-mother pulled him away by the arm and said that lap of his father was not meant for a son not born by her. He went crying to his own mother who consoled him & said, "Your real father is Lord. Go and sit in His lap by inculcating love for him in your heart. No one can stop you from sitting in His lap and drinking in the nectar of His love by virtue of which, true happiness will pervade your being." History is witness to it that Dhruva earnestly obeyed the command of his mother and engaged in true devotion of the Lord, gained this pleasure and a seat in the Lord's lap for all times to come. Even today, star 'Dhruva' is glittering in the sky inspiring all the aspirants to attain eternity by devotion to the Lord.

Therefore, it is essential that Jiva should engage in recitation of Lord's Name because the only truth in this world is Name Divine of the Lord. Whosoever engages in recitation and meditation on the Name Divine, transcends the cycle of transmigration, becomes worthy of Divine Abode and eternal fame.

Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji has eulogised the Glory of Name of the Lord in glorious and inspiring words. He cites two examples from ancient times demonstrating the elevation and liberation of the Jivas from the shackles of Maya.


In the southern territory of India, there was Dravida state, once ruled by a king named Indradyamna. The king was very religious minded and God-fearing. One day, when the king was busy in performing God-worship, sage Augustya walked in suddenly. The king being deeply immersed in his meditation took no notice of the sage's arrival there. When he did not get up from his seat to pay due homage to the holy man, the sage took it for an act of imprudence on the part of the ruler. He, therefore, inflicted a curse on him that the king will be born as an elephant in his next birth. Accordingly, King Indradyumna was born in his next birth as a tusker named Gajendra, who lived on Trikoot mountain. On growing up, he became the leader of a group of elephants and roamed in the forest with his gang. On a hot Summer day, when this group of elephants was roaming about led by Gajendra, they all reached on the bank of a lake. They entered the lake to have a refreshing bath and to quench their thirst. Then, they began to revel in the waters of the lake by taking water in their trunks and sprinkling it on one another.

A Gandharva named Hoohoo, who had been born as a crocodile under the curse of Sage Devata, also lived in that lake. He had very strong and robust body. When the elephants were busy in merry-making in the lake, the crocodile slipped near them and caught the leader of elephants by the latter's leg. Gajendra tried to release himself from his grip, but the crocodile would not let him go. A tussle between the two ensued, which lasted for quite a good time. Sometimes the crocodile would drag the tusker deep into the water and sometimes the king of tuskers would pull himself back to surface of water. At long last, Gajendra felt that he was deadly tired and had no more courage to stand the strong pull of crocodile. Gajendra was now quite helpless in saving himself from being drowned. When he found himself neck deep into the water and lost all hopes, some meritorious impressions of the past arose for help. There was a Lotus plant near the bank at which bloomed a fresh Lotus flower. Gajendra extended his trunk and plucked the Lotus flower. Taking this Lotus flower in his trunk he raised his trunk above his head, as if offering the flower to God. Fixing his gaze in the heavens above, mentally he called the Lord for help, while offering the lotus at the Lord's feet. And no sooner did the tusker utter the Name of the Lord, the Lord appeared there. Gajendra bowed in obeisance to the Lord and sang His praises. The Lord took no time in killing the crocodile by His discuss, who, on being released from the curse, instantly resumed the form of Gandharva and was sent to his original abode. Gajendra too was released from the curse through the divine touch of the Lord and leaving his animal body, was escorted to the abode of the Lord.

Therefore, says the Guru, "Oh! How can I describe the greatness and glory of the Lord, mere utterance of whose Name was enough in breaking away all the shackles of the tusker."


The story of Ajamila, the fallen one, glorifies the efficacy of the Name Divine, referred to by the munificent Guru. It is inspiring for the aspirants for all times to come. Although born in high Brahmin family, Ajamila fell in bad company and turned from a religious-minded young man into a vile sinner. In his early days, he was known as     a good-natured lad of an exemplary moral character and obedient to his parents. But as bad luck would have it, he somehow fell in the company of immoral persons and through that company became enamored of prostitute and soon turned into sensuousness. He left his parental house, severed his relations from his parents and from his faithful and obedient wife too. Now he began to live with that prostitute, where numerous rogues of the town would gather round him to flatter him and in return, make merry on his wealth. Slowly and slowly, when all his money got squandered in lasciviousness, Ajamila formed a group of his men and resorted to dacoity. Whatever he earned from his criminal profession, he would spend on his favorite prostitute.

One day a group of sadhus came in that town. From the people they inquired about the house of a religious person, where they could have food and drink and could also rest for some time. Some mischief-mongers told them that there was only one person in the town who was devoted to God-worship and pointed-out to the house of Ajamila. The sadhus proceeded to the house and knocked at the door. At that time Ajamila was not at home. The prostitute opened the door and was surprised to find the holy men at her door. One of the Sadhus asked, "Is this the house of Ajamila, the well-known devotee of the Lord?"

"Ajamila? Devotee? Lord?" The prostitute was flabbergasted to hear all this. But the glittering innocent smile on the noble countenance of the inquirer imposed her so much that she could only reply, "Yes, Ajamila does live here but he has gone out at present. Oh! How stupid I am. Holy men! Step in and grace the house." And she left the door open for them.

The Sadhus entered the house. The woman hurriedly arranged a comfortable seat for them. The Sadhus took their seats and inquired the woman about what sort of worship was performed in their house. The woman did not keep any secret from the saints. Meanwhile, Ajamila also returned home from outside. This meeting with the saints proved to be a blessing for Ajamila. The saints advised him to practice the Lord's Name for the rest of his life and also advised him to name his new- born baby as 'Narayana'. When his wife gave birth to a child, he named the boy 'Narayana' as instructed by the saints. Ajamila's time of departing from the world arrived. Horrible looking agents of the Lord of Death appeared with snares in their hands at his bed-side. Fear-stricken at their sight, Ajamila cried vehemently, "Narayana, O Narayana! Come to my help. Save me, O Narayana!" Within the twinkling of an eye, agents of Lord Narayana appeared at the scene. They pushed away the agents of death. Ajamila's departing soul was then escorted to the Lord's abode by the agents of the Lord. Thus, the vilest sinner, Ajamila, got deliverance in a moment by uttering the Lord's Name in his last moments.

The divine Guru, therefore, concludes by saying, "O man! You should also meditate on the Lord, so that you too may go safely across the ocean of mundane existence." Meditation upon Name, even for a short while, destroys the effect of millions of karmas. It is Sadguru, a Perfect Master who bestows this unique Name while initiating into Brahm Gyan. Therefore, we should aspire only for Lord's Name blessed by Sadguru and practice the same under His Benign guidance to attain this invaluable human life's spiritual fruition.