Goodness: A precious ornament of your persona djjs blog

Simple living, respectable life, camaraderie, and congenial association with people are the pillars of a successful life. It’s not wrong to say that the sustenance of all these driving forces in one’s life rests on one’s perceptual attitude and temperament. That’s exactly where the role of goodness comes into the picture. An individual whose personality is beautified with the ornaments of generosity, benevolence and tender-heartedness sets an example for others. For such individuals, life itself becomes peaceful and brings satisfaction at every stage.

While some people are naturally blessed with the art of goodness, some acquire such positive qualities with time. Our saints have always propagated their teachings on spirituality, which is regarded as the ‘Science of Sciences’. They preach that spirituality plays a pivotal role in shaping an individual’s perception and attitude towards life. The Founder and Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji is the Perfect Master of the time who underscores that spirituality enables one to rise above one’s vices and that it nourishes one’s mindset with good thoughts. There begins the phase of transformation that elevates one’s level of interpreting things.

No wonder, the treasure of spirituality opens many avenues where a person can explore hidden aspects of his character and personality.

Well, there are also certain points that we need to ponder over.


Show a thankful gesture

We are often filled with complaints and grievances and this hampers our ability to see positive sides of many things in life. This shows that we often forget the fact that there might be people deprived of the luxuries that we enjoy in our lives.

So, one must express thankfulness to God at every moment and find happiness in what one has.

Mingle with people

Be it our college life, corporate environment, or a fitness centre where we visit daily, we come across people from all walks of life at every place. But we might get along well with only some of them. Does it mean that we build a feeling of dislike for those whom we couldn’t mingle with? Certainly, no. It’s good to be polite with everyone. Nevertheless, the situation demands leaving the company of a person whose mannerism seems odd to you.

Anger... the biggest enemy

A small issue, when not handled peacefully, worsens the situation. Anger is a major impediment that weakens your ability to comprehend the situation and therefore, you might end up with unfavourable consequences. So, learn to control and manage a situation with patience.

Track your life events

You must have learnt about writing a Diary Entry in your school. Put it into practice and start maintaining such a record that is updated regularly with your emotions and sentiments. Write whatever good you do in a day or even if you make mistakes. Read the entries to sustain the goodness of your deeds mentioned in it as well as to rectify the mistakes.

That was a walk-through of some key points. So, set off your journey of change and stay away from negativities like ego, hatred, jealousy etc. Unveil your goodness and become a source of inspiration for others as well.