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If someone exclaims that entire universe resides inside your body, would the statement seep in your mental bosom smoothly without any tussles and hassles of counter arguments? Perhaps, no! Reason being, we, the rational beings of the 21st century, go by proofs and logics before giving shelter to any philosophy or concept. Our questioning mind would certainly demand substantial proofs before accepting that we, the “finite” beings, can be the embodiments of the “infinite” cosmos that exists around us! It is essential to mention here that when saints and sages proclaimed, 'Jo brahmande, soi pinde' (meaning– Human body is a microcosm for the macrocosm we see around us), they did not say it superficially or ornamentally. Instead, they had significant proofs and practical experiences of their own to support their declaration. Let's try to explore this statement in different terminologies in order to judge the extent of its practicality and feasibility…


Consider an equilateral triangle (Fig. a). Now take the middle one-third of each side and add another similar triangle. The result is the star as shown in (fig. b). Likewise, repeat the transformation, attaching a smaller triangle onto the middle one third of each of the twelve sides. Proceeding in the similar manner, you will get shapes as shown in Fig. c, d and e.

The process can be continued infinitely. This is called the Koch Curve. An interesting fact is that Koch Curve grows as a continuous loop, but this loop always remains confined to a circle of finite area! How? Actually, each transformation adds a little area to the curve. But, the total area remains finite because if we draw a circle around the original triangle, the Koch Curve will never extend beyond it. While, the length of the continuous line (which is folded into triangles) goes on adding infinitely! Essentially, we can say that a line of infinite length gets surrounded by a finite area. It is indeed paradoxical, but the result and logic supports it perfectly well that “Finite can contain Infinite inside itself”!


An interesting example can be related from the animal kingdom in this context. Protozoon is a microscopic insect, which is the primitive development of protoplasm. Let's see how it develops. Naturalists call the process as 'bisection'. This bisection takes place naturally and can also be carried out in a laboratory. Take up one protozoon. With the help of a very fine lance, bisect it into two equal halves. What will be the result? It must be sounding cruel, because it's just like piercing a dagger through the body of a living organism! Definitely, one would say that the protozoon will die. But, it doesn't! Instead, that one protozoon becomes two protozoa, both alive! Now, take these protozoa and bisect both of them. Once again, instead of dying, they will turn into four living protozoa. Certainly they will be of finite lengths (all four adding up to the original length initially, before their growth begins), but all of them will have the same 'infinite' force and energy throbbing in them in the form of life as the original protozoon. Go on multiplying them to any extent you wish. But, the fact remains the same as earlier, i.e. the infinite captured in the finite!


The following dialogue between sage Uddaalak and his son Shwetketu is mentioned in the Chhaandogya Upanishad. After spending twelve years in gaining academic knowledge, Shwetketu returned and boasted that he had mastered the Vedas.

Uddaalak: Shwetketu, did you ever learn from your teacher that instruction, by which we hear what cannot be heard (through these ears); by which we perceive what cannot be perceived (through these eyes); by which we know what cannot be known (through this brain)?

Shwetketu: What is that instruction, father?
Uddaalak: Son, go and pluck one fruit from that Banyan tree.
Shwetketu: Here is one, father.
Uddaalak: Slice it into two, son.
Shwetketu follows the instructions.
Uddaalak: What do you see inside?
Shwetketu: I can see little seeds of the fruit.
Uddaalak: Dear son, break one of them.
Shwetketu breaks the seed into two pieces.
Uddaalak: What do you see inside?
Shwetketu: Nothing, father!

The sage then revealed beautifully, “My son, what you say as nothing is the subtle essence behind the very existence of this great Banyan tree. This small seed contains many such trees in itself! This is the Truth and that thou art, O Shwetketu!”

The sage referred to the great truth by saying 'That Thou Are'. It means that just as a small seed is the carrier of many huge trees, we too, in this body of mere 5-7 feet (on an average), embody that “infinite” God, the Supreme Himself! It is this infinite existence inside us, to realise which we are sent on this earth, garbed as human beings. To realise one's true potential by experiencing the Real Self is the prime goal of every human being. However, the barrier of ego and other vices keeps us departed from our real identity. We, therefore, need to shun these vices in order to draw closer to our true infinite Self. This aspect can be explained in mathematical terms as well. Consider the fraction 1/x (where, x>0). Let's say that 1 represents our real Self. Let the denominator be symbolic of ignorance, the vices of ego, anger, greed, selfishness, etc. which cast their influence upon us. Now, in any fraction, bigger the denominator, smaller the net value of the fraction becomes. This is what our present state coincides with. With a huge value of ignorance and vices, we are far away from realising the magnanimity of our real Self. As the level of these vices and ignorance fall down, our personality grows richer and brighter in terms of its closeness to its true identity. Not just that. Have a look at the graph below:

As the denominator approaches 0, the curve extends to infinity. The word 'Infinite' comes from the Latin infinitas, which means 'unboundedness'. And, this unboundedness is the characteristic feature of the Supreme Lord and His cosmos alone. Meaning, therefore, that when not even a trace of ignorance remains, when all vices slash down to zero, then, we become the fortunate ones to shake hands with the infinite Supreme Lord residing inside us!

Putting it philosophically, ignorance (which results from the vices dwelling inside a being) can be compared to the body of an empty cup. This cup keeps the inner space separated from the vast space outside the cup. Remove the structure outlined by the cup, and the space inside becomes one with the infinite space on the outside. Meaning by, remove the curtain of ignorance and you will be one with the infinite God!

Swami Ramtirth beautifully quotes: “Vedanta says that God is everything. God is all in all. People ask, are you a part of God? No, no; God cannot be divided. You are not part of God; if God is Infinite, then you must be the whole God, not a part of God.”

But, here the moot question is: 'How to unveil the Infinite Lord who remains hidden inside us?' Here is the answer... Our body is like a microchip. A tiny microchip stores several thousand terabytes of data in it. How? In the digital coded format of 0's and 1's. When we need to retrieve the data, the operating system decodes the coded format of 0's and 1's and reveals before us the meaningful information. Likewise, we too require an appropriate operating system, which can decode the vast universe that remains coded and encompassed inside us. This operating system, as mentioned in all books of wisdom, is the eternal science of Brahm Gyan, which can be procured only from the Perfect Spiritual Master of the time. Drawing another parallelism with the digital world of technology, Divine Eye (the subtle instrument meant to perceive the vast cosmos inside) can be compared to a divine-modem, which connects us to the huge network of the 'unbounded' God! Once this connection is established by a True Spiritual Mentor, who is the sole authority to distribute the licences (of Brahm Gyan – 'the Inner Net'), a seeker is then entitled to google within himself for any number of hours!

Adi Sankaracharya says, 'Pashyanapi Na Pashyati Mudho, Mudho, Mudho'– 'You see and yet you do not see, Oh ignorant! Oh ignorant! Oh ignorant!' Through these words, he is referring to our ignorance, that we see the Supreme Lord working through us and yet we do not make efforts to behold Him!

Therefore, O children and embodiments of the Infinite Lord! Know the eternal science of Brahm Gyan and realise the magnificent universe that resides within your finite human garbs. On becoming the first-hand beholders of the infinite Lord inside, you will yourself accept the truth and authenticity in the proclamation of great sages of yore– 'Jo brahmande, soi pinde'... The whole universe outside resides in merely 5-7 feet long body of ours! Then, as you go deeper and deeper in your inner world, your lives will shine bright with the sparkling gems of never-ending newness and never-ending happiness. In other words, you will become the perfect embodiments of peace and bliss absolute!