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When we meet someone in life who tend to present same set of ideals, thoughts, habits, behavior like ourself and above all there is unexplained connection and presence of love and care; we term them as Soulmates or someone with whom we have been related for more than one life. If we analyze this at macro level, what we are seeking is to curb Duality and embrace Singularity or Advaita.  We are seeking to dissolve the individuality, forget ourselves and find solace by reaching beyond material plane. We are seeking union at soul level!

A Soul’s journey is not limited to one particular life; hence the idea of soulmate cannot be limited to fulfillment of this life’s journey or wishes or desires. Soul companion is the one who is united with us in spirit and love; and helps achieve our true purpose whether it takes one life or more.

Quite often we term life companions as soul companions, but is the union of two incompletes going to provide the fulfillment or liberation that our soul is seeking? For someone who is speck of the whole or who is incomplete, how can that person be free from conditions?

In fact, union of two incompletes or imperfect beings who are not already advanced in wisdom is a spiritually dangerous course as for temptations at physical plane may cause them to sink into the delusion of wrong living that will take them away from liberation and stoop them into the karmic bondage of endless birth and death cycles.

Siddhartha’s Quest

Siddhartha (acclaimed later as Gautam Buddha) despite of marrying His childhood friend Yashodhara; also, being a father of a newly born son; was so perturbed by the feeling of incompleteness that He left all of His kingdom, family and everything in the middle of the night in search of Truth. It raises a question here; does marriage end the quest for completeness?

If marriage with a beloved friend does also not suffice it, then what could possibly satisfy our soul which is seeking love and lasting solace?

Siddhartha tried penance, fasting, chanting and various other methods to transcend the body and mind in order to find the ultimate Truth and reach the bliss point. However, it was only after he met Maa Sujata, His Spiritual Guru, that He experienced the true nature of His Atman (Soul of Pure Consciousness) within His own inner world. It was then that He transcended the delusive requisites of created worlds, reaching the state of completeness i.e. union of Atman and Brahman (Supreme Consciousness) which gave the world, we know today as Gautam Buddha.

Gautam Buddha turned Siddhartha received the same Spiritual Awakening as did Arjuna from Lord Krishna. Let’s know more about it…

Arjuna’s Awakening

Arjuna always believed Lord Krishna to be his childhood friend and guide. Then, how did this mortal friendship turn immortal? How did Arjuna’s belief towards Lord Krishna transform from being just a friend to a true Soulmate? Well, this awakening dawns upon Arjuna only after God incarnate Lord Krishna unraveled His Divine form to him. Witnessing the great grand form of Lord Krishna within his own inner world, Arjuna was able to realize the Eternal nature of the Lord and his own relationship with the Lord as that of being his Atman (Soul or Pure Consciousness). It was then that Arjuna utters- “You are the Father of this World, moving and unmoving. You are to be adored by this World. You are the greatest GURU, for; there exists none who is equal to You; how can there be then another superior to You in the Three Worlds, O Being of unequalled power?”

Verily, it’s not about a single birth only. Relationship with the true Soulmate vis-à-vis God Almighty is a matter of multiple lifetimes.

Kashi’s Renaissance

Once, upon the intense urge of one of His disciples named Kashi, Yogananda Paramhansa promised him that if he died at an early age, his spiritual Master will find him in his next life and bring him back on the path of Spirituality. As the master Yogananda Paramhansa had already gauged the impending calamity, He therefore instructed Kashi not to leave the hermitage at any cost. However, once in the absence of Yogananda Parmhansa, Kashi had to unwillingly leave the hermitage under his father’s pressure. And unfortunately, within few days, Kashi lost his life on account of contracting a fatal disease.

The Master Yogananda Paramhansa, driven by love for His disciple and remembering the pledge taken before him, locates Kashi with his austere powers while Kashi was still in the womb of mother in his new life. Thereon, Yogananda Paramhansa reaches out to the family where Kashi was to be born and put forth His wish of taking the child at his birth… Finally, the Master was able to take Kashi back to His divine refuge.

God incarnate GURU - A True Soulmate!

A true GURU or Perfect Master of time, isn’t any ordinary human being rather compassionate incarnation of the Supreme God. Therefore, His/Her connection with His/Her disciples is never at material level. GURU converses at the Soul level and is instrumental in fetching evolution to a disciple’s journey from Duality to the One - Advaita.

As human beings we remain in pursuit for a friend or relation or life companion, who can understand us and therefore make us complete. Likewise, GURU, who is bestower of divine companionship, also searches for those Souls who are seeking to unite with the Supreme. However, the point of matter is that the GURU like Lord Krishna can search us in no time but are we are truly seeking such a perfect Soulmate?

If our search is to satisfy our Soul, truly beyond this material world, then our True Soulmate is also not far away.



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