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In the great Indian Epic, the Mahabharata, there is a story of a man, who lost his way and ended up in a dense forest. Though he tried very hard to find his way out of the forest but all his effort went futile.He was exhausted and extremely scared as the forest resounded with the roaring voices of ferocious animals like lions, leopards, bears, elephants etc. In his fright he started running around, to and fro. All of  sudden, far away he saw a human like figure and in the hope of finding help, he started running towards the figure. But to his bad luck, he reaches a spot where poisonous snakes are hissing aloud and the seeming human figure is a mysterious old lady standing amidst those poisonous snakes. At this horrific sight, at once he starts running, faster, faster and even faster. In this haste, his foot slipped and he ended up into a well. As he was falling, he was able to grab hold of a branch of tree planted on the edge of the well. He held the branch, his last hope of survival tightly and hung himself up. As soon as he glanced downwards, his body trembled in terror because he saw a huge python, gazing at him with his mouth wide open. In fear he clasped the branch even more tightly, unaware that two rats, a black and a white were slowly chewingaway his only lifeline, the branch. Hanging down, he realized the branch was shaking, when he turned his sight upwards, he then saw an enormous-bodied elephant, consisting of six trunks who was shaking the tree. Before more fear could seep in, suddenly from somewhere a drop of honey fell in his mouth. It was actually the honey dripping from a web of honeybees hanging on the tree. At once he started licking the honey and in the taste of the sweet honey he completely forgot where he was hanging, what all was happening to him, the snake, the elephant, the forest all faded out of his memory and he got totally absorbed in the taste of honey.

Friends the story seems larger than life, but actually it presents a case of intoxicated pleasure in which an addict is gripped. Do you remember those scenes in movies, when there is break up between the hero and heroine, or when the father of hero dies, of when the young man gets a rejection at the job interview which he is in dire need of, what is the next scene…to add to the drama, the hero absorbs him self in alcohol to forget all pain, to redeem himself from all tensions.

This allegory from Mahabharata describes the how behind this seeming relief from pain. Lost in the forest of crisis, surrounded by ferocious animals of pressures and anxieties, an individual runs to find his road to peace. In his desperation he knocks at different doors but all goes futile. In run away from the problems of life, he falls into the ditch of addiction. Drugs are nothing but honey coated pills of death. Problems do not go away, they remain and in fact they continue to grow, it’s only that you are absorbed in delusion.

Unlike the popular movies, life doesn’t have a happy ending always. Ask those who have been hooked to these honeyed pills, their life story is a saga of growing pain, dejection, loneliness and complete devastation. These honey pills of drugs give pleasure only for some time and then longing for them becomes a challenge in itself. Such is the intoxication that for everything and anything you don’t stop. No family, no children, no ambition, no goals remain all that remains is the desperate run for the honeyed poison which leads to death one day…

The story of addiction is laid in front of you…millions are gradually falling into the pit…save yourself from this seeming pleasure and help those who are slowly falling into the pit.

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