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Quality management is a mode to control one's mind and re-channel one's mental energy in the form of thoughts in the positive direction. However, this requires deepening our level of awareness; for only then we can learn to be cautious of our thinking process and develop higher level of understanding. In other words, develop our power of wisdom. There is a world of difference being knowledgeable and being wise. It is not necessary that the so called intellectual, are equally wise. General survey depicts that 80% of people are knowledgeable, while only 20% are wise. What is the difference between being knowledgeable and being wise? Actually there is no doubt that a knowledgeable man possesses high intellect and sharp mind with whole stack of information stuffed in him. The only difference lies in the way he utilises his stored and memorized facts and figures. Where a wise man is equipped with a sword of discriminative power, which he utilises in every action he performs, there is a simply knowledgeable man, with an underdeveloped discriminative power, is inspired and propelled by his mood swings and irrational judgments. For instance, a knowledgeable man, no doubt, feels sad, seeing poor and deprived people, but, at the same time, being swayed by his mood swings, he from the burning heat of jealousy, seeing the happy people, thus, due to lack of wisdom, he is destined to be perturbed and restless. On the contrary, a wise man, being discriminative enough, knows how to be at bay from the agitating feelings of disturbance and restlessness. Considering the failure as a stepping stone to success, he never gets haunted by depression and conflicts. He follows the principle depicted in the phrase:


Utilizing the deep insight to scrutinize the situation that he confronts, first he sees and analyses everything patiently and then he comes to the final judgement of taking right action in the right direction. Thus, in addition to discriminative power, wisdom demands highly developed patience power too, for it is well said:


However, such an exalted state of quality management is the by-product of spirituality only. Spirituality guides us how to re-channel and re-direction mental energy into a positive direction. Not only this, it deepens our level our level of awareness flowering into the enhancement of discriminative power and the development of patience power, making us wise enough to deal efficiently with the world within and without. Spirituality, involving the communion with our soul, produces the sparkling effect on our mental robes.

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It is a well-known fact:


The mental make-up of a man is developed according to his company. This happens because the way our mental vibrations affect our environment, the cumulative mental vibrations of our environment, the company we keeps, also affect us. All this being the play of vibrations, the spirituality dealing with the vibration-energy of our soul can effectively exercise an alchemical effect on our mind. The soul being the part and parcel of GOD is an embodiment of positivity and, hence, is the fountain head of positive vibrations. Thus being treasured with positive reverberations, the company of the unconditioned, pure soul can inculcate virtuous thoughts and feelings in us. In addition, negative thoughts are dissipated and transmuted, leading to the springs of happiness. Communion with soul is the only way to bridle the wavering mind, enabling us to extract the most out of it, for:


Moreover, the direct experience of soul, the embodiment of supreme peace and eternal bliss, is the only way to relinquish your lower, negative traits and tendencies, for it is well said:



The implication is that once you relish the sweet nectar of supreme peace and eternal bliss gushing out of your soul, you can easily recognize the bitterness of the negativities incurred by your mind and, hence, will be able to eschew them easily.

No doubt, the modern scientific age of computers has thrown us on the escalator of highly ambitious aspirations, but it has equally robbed us of inherent charms of life; like, sound sleep, feeling of joy, stress-free life, and etc. Today's hectic schedules not only over-burden mind but also lead to stress. However, simple, god-gifted, inherent charms and joys that otherwise are deluding us, being pressurized by stressful life, can be regained and restored through spirituality; for, it, by helping in the control of indolence, ego, and anger, creates an inner atmosphere of tranquillity by cleansing the cluttered mind and simplifies life by helping in confidence-building. It strives to free an individual from the confining and burdensome pressures of daily life. However, such divine company can be achieved by the grace of a PERFECT MASTER only who bestows upon us the direct perception of our soul while imparting the entire gamut of TRUE KNOWLEDGE.