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Creation is creator’s boundless poetic composition. This composition is inexplicably mysterious to the modern science. The more a modern scientist unravels this poetry, the more perplexed and confounded he finds himself. In the beginning, the scientists assumed this earth, sky and the shining Sun, Moon and Stars alone to be the Universe – the entire Creation. However, the scientists like Copernicus and Galileo unfolded a part of the infinite poetical composition and the truth of the solar system was revealed to us. With the Sun at the centre and the planets and the satellites revolving around it, for years we considered the creation confined to and enveloped within these narrow boundaries. But, then, this was followed by unfolding of more chapters of the mystery of the creation, which led to the revelation of amazing splendour of the creation. We came to know that our solar system is only a tiny part of gigantic Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy itself comprises of hundreds of crores of stars and celestial bodies. Not just this, hundreds of crores of such galaxies further combine to make one Universe.

Yet, the question is whether this too is the complete revelation of the grand poetical work? Is it the whole truth of creation? The modern scientists and the intelligentsia are not in a position to conclusively say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Neither the instruments of the scientists nor the mantras of the learned seem to have any access beyond this point. That is why they are not able to unfold anymore pages of the poetic composition called Creation. But, at the same time, they do not want to deny further possibilities. Therefore, they have now expressed the possibility of not one but several Universes. This hypothesis has been given the name – ‘MULTIVERSE’. In 1895, an American philosopher and psychologist coined this term and said, “Multiverse is the hypothetical set of multiple universes that together comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them.” Today, the cosmology and the physics have also accepted this hypothesis. These hypothetical universes have been variously named as – ‘Alternate Universes’, ‘Quantum Universes’, ‘Parallel Worlds’, ‘Alternate realities’, ‘Interpreting dimensions’, etc.

In this context, Stephen Hawking, one of the great scientist of this century, writes in his book entitled – Universe: The cosmos explained – ‘There is every possibility that many universes together make Multiple Alternate Universes, which further assemble to make a Mega Universe, followed in the process of combining together to form Multiple Mega Universes to Super Mega Universes to Super Multiple Mega Universes to Ultra Universes to Multiple Ultra Universes to Ultra Multiple Ultra Universes to Ultra Multi Ultra Universes and consequently making a Multiverse.’

But these are all conjectures, merely inferences born out of hypothesis. Merely imaginative presumptions! That is why there are voices too which contradict or oppose these presumptions. One section of the scientists looks at the concept of Multiverse as pseudo-scientific nonsense. They say that Universe is ‘Uni-Verse’, i.e., one single composition in which there is no possibility of other universes.

Ultimately, for want of evidence and in view of mere conjectures and presumptions, one will have to say that the modern science has succeeded to unfold only a fragment of gigantic universe. Since modern science has not been able to fully comprehend even our own planet i.e. Earth, in that case, demystifying Galaxy beyond the earth, universe beyond the galaxy and, further, a flight beyond the universe to other universes will only be a brazen audacity.

But, this does not mean that the creation has always been an unknown composition and uncharted territory. In human history, there have been men with rare talent and acumen who not only unravelled every chapter of this grand and copious composition, but thoroughly experienced it by conducting inner voyage. Their testification, experience and revelation of the profoundest mystery of creation was so perfect, flawless, lively and replete with unflinching evidence that it had no room for imagination, presumption, inference and unsubstantiated guess work. These great men were our spiritual scientists whose testimonies and direct experiences are recorded in our scriptures as proven facts. In these proven facts, there are no traces of suspicion, debate or acts of day-dreaming, etc. they are simple, straight, compact and based on direct experience. This similar to the declaration of narrators of Devi Bhagvat (female form of Primordial Energy – Adi Shakti) which tells us with firmness and conviction that – “Dust particles can be counted, but not the Universes.

It has been said –

Yathaa tarangaa jaladhau

Tathemahaa srishtayaha pare,

Utpattyotpatya leeyante rajaanseeva mahanile

Just as currents in the sea are countless, like the melody and rhythm of sparks produced in the fire, even so is the creation of the Creator.

Japuji Sahib, a book of Prayer of Sikhs, depicts the transcendental experiences of Guru Sahibans in the following words:

Lakh paataalaa paataal lakh aagaasaa aagaas – There are millions of heavens and millions of hades; so to say that there are millions of Universes.

It further depicts:

There are several types of air, water and fire;

Several types of preservers like Vishnu;

Several types of destroyers like Shiva;

Umpteen generators like Brahma, who create numerous universes;

There are many Indras, Moons and Suns;

Many a worlds and earths!

In the Uttarkand section of Ramcharitmanas, Kakbhushundi ji describes his rare personal experiences to Garud, the king of birds, in these words – Udar maajh sunu andaj raayaa…

Listen, O’ King of birds! I saw many a universes within the being of Lord Rama. In them were many unique worlds, there beauty was unparalleled. I lived in each universe for hundred long years; thus a roamed and witnesses many universes. In every world, I saw different and distinct Brahma, Vishnu, Shivas, and Manus; in other words, I witnessed different generators, operators and destroyers of different universes. That which was never seen, never heard and which was beyond imagination, that wondrous creation I saw; so, how do I describe those unequalled and unparalleled Creations!

In Shri Chaitanya Charitaamrit, the main scripture of the Vaishnavites, this aspect has been explained in an interesting and symbolic manner. Once, in order to meet Shri Krishna, Lord Brahma reached Dwarika. The porter immediately informed Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna asked the name of Brahma. The gate keeper came back to Brahma and repeated the question. Brahma’s surprise knew no bounds and he spoke astonishingly – “Brahma means Brahma. Who other than me is Brahma in the Creation? Kindly go and tell Shri Krishna that the father of Sanakaadi Rishis, the four-faced Brahma has come.” This time, Lord Krishna called him in. Brahma touched the holy feet of Shri Krishna and then asked – “O Lord! What did your question imply? Is there any other Brahma in the Creation other than me?”

In reply to the question, Shri Krishna laughed heartily and went into Meditative trance. In no time, a transcendental sight took shape and there emerged countless Brahmas.

Shat vish saharayut lakshavadana…

Amongst the countless Brahmas who appeared, there were twenty faced Brahmas; some were hundred faced; some million faced; some had faced running into crores. In fact, it was impossible to count their number of faces. With them also emerged one hundred thousand faced manifestations of Lord Shiva; there also emerged Indras with millions of eyes.

When the four-faced Brahma saw that unprecedented and wonderful sight, he bowed in the lotus feet of Shri Krishna and expressed his desire to know the mystery. Shri Krishna smiled and demystified the truth of creation in these words:

Ae brahmaand panchaasat koti yojan…

O’ Brahma! Your universe is expanded up to 50 crores yojan (a unit of measurement of distance in the ancient times). And you, the four-faced Brahma, are the generator of this universe. But in my creation, there are universes of varying sizes. Some of them are of 100 crores yojan, some are of lakhs of crores of yojan, and some are of ten lakh crores of yojan and still others of many crores of yojan. In these countless universes, as per their time frames, Brahmas of equivalent faces are present as Generators.


In Devi Bhagvat, it is said that –

Sankhyaa chet rajasaamasti… (Devi Bhagvat, 9/3/7 - 8)

In each universe, according to need, there are its own Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Just as the number of Universes is countless; even so are the forces of Generation, Preservation and Destruction!


As a matter of fact, the verses and examples contained in the scriptures are symbolic. Laced in ornamental language, they reveal profound scientific facts. Bereft of suppositions and presumptions, if we examine and assess these facts in an impartial manner as a curious learner, we can intelligently survey the unknown and the profoundest mysteries of creation.


Here a natural question arises: How come the mysteries of the creation which the rishis of yesteryears knew, remain closed or unknown to the modern scientists? It’s not that the modern researchers in any way whatsoever lack in curiosity or efforts on their part. The fact is it is not the lack of labour, but the absence of right direction! Insufficiency is not in performance, but it is in the absence of right means. In order to comprehend this gigantic creation, our scientists have fundamentally these senses as their only means. Whereas science itself admits that our physical eye can see only a small part of the visible spectrum. The hearing capacity of our ears has very limited range. Our capacity to experience through touch is also limited.

If we specifically talk of our eyes, their effectiveness in sighting objects ranges only between 380mm – 760mm of wavelength of light. Our eyes cannot see objects lying outside this range. Not just this, we can see only those objects which reflect back the light. This is precisely the reason why we are reduced to being blind in darkness. We also cannot see objects which move at very high speeds or say whose speed is more than what our eyes are accustomed to. We cannot see air. Our eyes are equipped to see things and mediums of some limited density. That is the reason we cannot see beyond some mixtures of gases or very thick liquids like mercury or gold. We can see through liquids like water, through the things appear slightly twisted due to refraction.

Do you know there are many varieties of jellyfish and bacteria, which existed in nature, but we could not see them! They could be discovered after intense investigation. In their book entitled – ‘The Secret Life of Plants’, Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird tells us that a constant dialogue goes on amongst plants and trees in our atmosphere. If it were not true, why would a plant inside a house would tremble on seeing the person who has just come in after murdering a plant outside the house? Obviously, it is the plant outside which informs or communicates with the plant inside the house. In a nutshell, we can say that our eyes, ears and other sense organs can observe/sense objects with a specific density, transparency, reflectivity, size, frequency, wavelength, etc.

If we speak about man-made ultra-modern and scientific instruments, then with their aid too we are being able to go beyond our specified perception limits only a little bit. That is why cosmologists of today have admitted that 95% of the universe is still dark matter or dark energy for us, which cannot be penetrated even by eyes of our ultra-modern instruments. It continues to be a mysterious darkness for us because we are unable to see, hear or feel the existence of elements situated in those unknown places.

This is the perplexity and limitation of modern science. The means available with our modern scientists are trivial and imperfect. On the contrary, the target i.e. Creation is perfect and infinite. Augustine, a western philosopher, had a strong desire and curiosity to comprehend the mysteries of creation. Day and Night, he used to study, contemplate and ruminate over the matters of the universe. With passage of time, this urge in him got so strong that he took a pledge – “Come what may, I will unearth the essential secrets of Creation; otherwise, this life is worthless. I will end it.” Augustine, in a serious mode of contemplation, reached the sea-shore and seated himself on a rock stone. There, he heard a boy crying bitterly. He went close to the boy and asked him the reason for crying. The boy replied in a weeping tone, “Leave me alone! You cannot help me.”

Augustine: Son, even then tell me. Why are you weeping? What is your problem?

Boy: I am telling you, you cannot help me.

Augustine: You tell me. I will try my level beat to help.

Boy: See, I have a small pot. I want to pour the entire see into the pot. Tell me, how to do it?

Augustine was startled. Indeed, he had no solution for the problem of that boy. He consoled the boy and moved on. However, all of a sudden, he staggered and paused and was compelled to think – “Am I also not behaving like that boy? Trying to capture the grand mystery of creation in my small brain, just as the boy is thinking of pouring the sea into his small pot! How is it possible?” Certainly that boy was a physical manifestation of the divine inspiration, who showed the right path to Augustine.

(But then how did the Spiritual Scientists of yore unearth the ocean-like Creation? How did they perceive the massive cosmos? We will throw light on this aspect in the next blog.)       …to be contd.