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You are all set to take the next step in the ladder of your life. The go-getter hidden inside you urges you to proceed and undertake a challenging task. But, all of a sudden, you find yourself entrapped in adverse circumstances. This is what happens with most of those who dare to accept the challenge, but can’t keep it due to their wavering belief and commitment.

What pulls you back? Is it your stereotyped thought-pattern or your negative emotions? Your reluctance to forget your past deeds or any other bitter experience of life might be the reason behind your degrading performance. All in all, motivation is the driving force behind your prompt actions to tackle burning issues that surface in the course of your life. But when this force is lost, you lose the momentum that keeps you going.

The Founder and Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, often says that a person needs to establish a connection with his inner self in order to attain peace and happiness. His teachings have emerged as the guiding path for innumerable devotees who have realized happiness not by finding it outside, but by exploring their inner self. Though this technique remains the foremost medium of transformation, there are many other ways to break free and raise yourself from the humdrum of life.

So, here we bring to you five simple ways to revive your zeal and kick-off YOUR JOURNEY TO A NEW YOU.

  • Take a journey inside – Every morning brings a fresh start of the day. So, make it a habit to enrich this beginning with a self-analysis.  Take out just 15 minutes time and leave your mobile phone to stay free. Relax and analyze yourself. Ask yourself how you are going to make this day special. Be it at home or at workplace, your liveliness and cheerful attitude will influence the people around you. Though you are entrapped by fallouts or arguments, try to resolve them without holding grudges.
  • Rejuvenate your senses – Well, workout is a crucial ingredient of your time table. Don’t forget to go for a morning walk or you can even exercise or perform aerobics or yoga at home or at the terrace. The purpose is to get rid of mental weariness and shun the burden of useless thoughts that you might have carried through previous days. Just chill with new morning and refresh yourself completely. This is a trigger to your whole day.
  • Participate in activities – Are you an introvert? No worries. Do away with your reserved attitude. Go out, meet people and participate in different sorts of activities that are organized by your society welfare associations. You can spearhead programs or drives on special days like World Environment Day, thereby generating awareness on a social issue. Get active even at your workplace and be a part of the interactions. Great ideas like organizing games every Friday with delightful snacking make your workplace interesting.
  • Unveil your passion – No doubt, you might not have pursued your hobby or a talent gifted by god. Carry out an introspection and discover what you feel about it now. Don’t let your passion go even if you are engrossed in your work schedule. Take out some time like on weekends and develop your talent like taking Photography classes if you like to capture special moments in your camera.
  • Be a medium of change – While following your routine schedule, devote some time to noble causes and get associated with an NGO. Your youthfulness, your enthusiasm, your original ideas can be the harbinger of a better tomorrow for under-privileged sections of the society that need your support and contribution.

Emphasizing the power of youth, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji always says, “Youth have tremendous potential. But they need guidance to channelize it in the right direction and become socially and morally responsible citizens of their nation.”

It is indeed a thought-provoking remark by this spiritual personality who is the source of inspiration for numerous youngsters today. Boasting good profiles, those youngsters have witnessed a sea change in their personality and remain at the forefront of all the social programs of DJJS.

Well, we had a quick sneak peek at easy ideas to recharge your life and sustain the momentum within. You struggle day and night to actualize or implement your plans and sometimes, you get victimized by boredom, owing to the monotony of  your routine schedule. Nevertheless, it’s up to you whether you want to sit back or you step up to revitalize your mind, body and soul.

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