A Crusade Against Drug Abuse (Part-2) djjs blog

In the previous blog, it was discussed that why and when a person takes to intoxicating drugs. Primarily, there are two triggers: “Peer-Pressure”, rooted in weak decision-making power, and “Craving or longing for ecstatic pleasures”. Elucidating these causes a vital question raised whether for a drug-free life, some tips, knacks, skills, moral lessons, and manoeuvring tactics alone are sufficient. With suitable logics, it was proved that mere verbal sermons or heavy-weight morality cannot free a drug-user from the deadly trap of drugs. Some other therapy or technique is needed which can elevate him to a higher sense of satisfaction and endow him perfect wisdom to say ‘NO’ when offered ‘DRUGS’…

What can be this superior technique or methodology? In this context, Prof. Stephen A. Kent of Alberta and Krenan Borg University had conducted a research in 1970. He found- “One of the reasons why in 1970s, young people including hippies turned to spirituality was because they found that drugs had opened for them the existence of the transcendental and now they wanted to get high without drugs.” Even the Greek transcendentalist Plato, in his famed book entitled – Republic IX, has written – “Better than bodily pleasure is mental peace; and, superior to mental peace is spiritual bliss.” The implication is – the bodily and mental pleasure which a person searches in drugs, spirituality can provide far greater enduring peace and happiness.

It is supremely important to mention here that spirituality should not be construed to mean religious sermons or outward rituals. Spirituality rather means the practical technique through which one gets to perceive the soul or say the all-pervasive super soul. Holy Scriptures call it – Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge). People often find this concept too heavy and verbiage. That is why this word is mentioned to the elites of educated class, they give a sarcastic laugh on hearing it. People show disdain and aversion to this supreme and eternally fundamental concept and do not accept it whole-heartedly. If at all they accept it, they declare it to be the last resort for eradication of social problems. But, the truth is that Brahm Gyan is an unfailing and all-efficacious eternal technique which is not only capable of diagnosing the problem but also uprooting and eradicating it completely.

Then, what is Brahm Gyan? How does it give enduring peace and the desired happiness? How does it instill self-confidence and power of discrimination in a person? Let’s now ponder over these questions.


In spiritualism, the universal consciousness is called Brahman. It is present in all beings. Holy Scriptures declare in Unison – Guhayam nihitam – this meta-physical, all-pervasive element resides in our spiritual heart. This divine spark is present in the crown chakra of our body. According to Chhandogya Upanishad, there is a subtle lotus in the spiritual heart, in which resides ‘Brahman’ – the elemental divine spark. It is this Divine Spark of Universal Consciousness that we need to know and acquaint ourselves with. The Chhandogya Upanishad, in one of the verses, exhorts mankind to know, see and perceive this Divine Spark. When we see, behold, and practically experience this universal consciousness within our being and establish Direct Connection with it, it is called Brahm Gyan - knowledge of Brahman.  This is not an impossible task. Every human being can experience it. What is needed is the opening of the subtle divine eye seated in the pineal gland by a Sadguru (A Perfect Spiritual Master). Today’s scientists call this pineal gland by different names such as – Mystery gland, Inner Vision, Line of Communication with higher planes, etc. Upon opening of this Inner Eye, one gets to experience the universal consciousness seated within his being.


The universal consciousness is also called ‘Sachidananda’ i.e. Sat+chit+anada. It is the Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. It is unalloyed happiness personified. Even the scientific research has proved that when we are in delta sleep, then our body, nervous system or brain go beyond worldly layers. Our consciousness enters ‘trans-worldly’ realms where resides the Supreme Consciousness. Being in contact with the Supreme Consciousness, it collects radiance, confidence, energy, and splendour and returns back to the outer layers of our being. This is precisely the reason why we feel fresh and energetic after sound sleep. In this regard, the scientists have discovered that if this connection (even though momentary) with the supreme consciousness does not happen, we will have so much of weariness that perhaps living life may be a difficult proposition.

Even the Taitreya Upanishad has given the same, highly scientific explanation in the following words – “Indeed that which is Brahman is the essence and substratum. Upon knowing this essence a being become blissful.” It further poses a serious question – Ko hyevaanyaatkaha praanyaad yadesha aakash aanando na syat – “If there did not exist this blissful Brahman, who could remain alive? Then, who could activate the life-force?” Esha hyevaanandayaati – “Indeed, this Brahman imparts blissfulness. Brahm GyanDivine Knowledge, through the mechanism of divine eye, teaches us to meditate on this source of Bliss and one can remain in communion with this source as long as one desires to. One can enjoy moments of bliss by meditating on this Source and the joy and happiness that one derives is several times more than what he gets from consumption of Drugs. Intoxication gives us high by distorting our mental faculties, but Brahm Gyan evolves our mental and intellectual faculties gradually and fills them with highest joy or bliss.

A Rishi once remarked – Sura twamasi sushmini – O’ God! You are the best and fastest spirituous liquor.” At another place, it has been said, “Ambrosia stream which flows to satiate the entire cosmos, from a thousand petalled lotus seated in the spiritual heart, is the only drinkable (potable) spirituous liquor.” Vinobha Bhave, a revolutionary spiritual saint of this era has also said – “We should all inculcate the habit of meditation by entering the spiritual heart. Detaching for some time from our body, memory, society, individual consciousness, daily chores and experiences, we should practice to remain away as a separate entity. By doing so, we can reach our original source where there is no world, no body, no individual consciousness. What remains is pure Name. Some call it Paramatman, the Supreme Soul. If we reach there through meditation, our consciousness will experience pure peace and happiness. This is call subject of personal experience, not mere imagination.


It is only natural that when you befriend cosmic consciousness, no amount of peer-pressure of worldly friends will be able to destabilise you. This true friend will not only guide you to distinguish between right and wrong, but also give you confidence to stay firm on the right path. If you find it too philosophical, then let me explain it in a scientific language. According to science, two parts of human brain are such that they make us learn to react in worldly conditions. These two parts are amygdala and pre-frontal cortex. This first part assesses a situation and immediately sends a signal. But, its quick-responsiveness sometimes sends out wrong signals. Even in an ordinary situation, it can produce unwarranted fear or anger. But the second part i.e. pre-frontal cortex is capable of taking accurate and rational decisions. But in doing so, it takes time. That is why amygdala promptly sends signals and often makes us react in a wrong manner. Constant practice of meditation on the eternal principle of Brahm Gyan makes our pre-frontal cortex more active and sharper. It becomes so powerful that it starts sending out signals before amygdala. That is why you will always find people who meditate are more accurate, stable, collected and composed in their conduct and behaviour.

Undoubtedly, the one who has access to the supreme ‘feeling of high’ at his own will and awakened wisdom or sense of discrimination through Brahm Gyan; he will never be swayed away by the superficial lure of drug-intoxication. There can be no better method of prevention of drug-abuse than using the eternally proven mechanism of Brahm Gyan. That is why Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan(DJJS) employs the technique of Brahm Gyan alongside moral education for eradication of Drug-Abuse. Combination of these two will surely prevent our society from Drug-Abuse. This is our firm faith based on living experience.