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In today's world, 'success' is the most sought after word, whether he/she is a student, working professional, housewife, young or old. Everybody runs after success. If we look at the lexical meaning of the word 'success', it means 'getting the desires fulfilled, gaining wealth, acquiring status, etc.' If we take a wholesome view of these definitions, an important aspect comes into picture, which is the crux and which pulls our attention, i.e. the 'AIM' of our life. If we go by the above definitions put collectively, then success will be read as: “Accomplishment of our plans that will help us gain wealth or status, thereby making us a successful person.” Therefore, one can conclude that this so called 'aim' is inherent to success which means nothing but attainment of wealth or money or social/economic status.

Let's look at the term “AIM” in detail. What is normally perceived as AIM?

1. For a student: Securing excellent marks in exam; getting admission into a world-class college, which promises a highly paid career.

2.  For a college graduate: Getting a hefty pay package, settling abroad, having the latest luxury car, chic sunglasses, branded clothes, galaxy of cool gadgets like i-phone, macbook, etc.

3.  For a working professional: The aim is to have a handsome increment in the pay package every year, tying knots with someone of his choice, getting his family extended, enjoying life (which means going to pub, playing golf, going to parties, etc.)

Beyond these three definitions, a person doesn't want or aim at anything bigger in his/her life. There is no other target to achieve beyond more money and enjoyment.

If we look at all these aims in unity, though at different stages of life, they are nothing but attaining a position in society where one has name and fame, attaining plenty of money (the more, the better). This is how one can become 'a successful person' in the world. If one is not able to attain wealth, it means one is not successful which leads to depression, frustration, anxiety, end of the road and sometimes eventually END of LIFE.

What we need to ask ourselves and train our younger ones for is: “IS THIS REALLY THE END”? Certainly no!

So let's start all over again and redefine the term “success”.

Success is a 'continuous' process of achieving the target; a target which leads to the accomplishment of goals at each milestone of our life, thereby taking our life to reach its ultimate target as assigned by our Supreme Father, the Lord.

To understand the above definition, we have to understand the term target– the 'real' target without any boundary/limitations/inhibitions etc., as perceived by God for us when we were born. Right from our childhood, we have been told “what is good, what is bad; what is right and what is wrong” and we develop a boundary beyond which we think we can't perform. Those guiding us at different stages of our life also have these limitations/boundaries. Key here is “how to understand oneself?”...So that, we can perceive our life and our potential beyond the self-made boundaries and notions. This is possible only if we constantly communicate/maintain a bridge with HIM. It is because this connection with “HIM” will help us expand our boundaries, which is what is meant when we define success as a 'continuous' process. Finally, when all the boundaries vanish, we become “one” with HIM who is indeed our only TARGET, the 'real' target!

Success does not mean that you become satisfied with what you have got and don't strive for more; rather it teaches you to do more for others. Come out of “ME” and start doing for your family, extended family, neighbours, society, city, country and eventually encompass entire world. As His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says that 'Each one of you has limitless energy, which if channelized in the right direction can work wonders.'

These are not simply few words for the sake of motivating a few. Rather, it is practically possible to create a bridge (channel) through which you are energised all the time and you can charge everybody else who comes in your contact in the same way as a strong electromagnetic field casts its effect on whatsoever comes in its contact. Once we sincerely attempt to reach our 'ultimate' milestone, worldly wealth/success/name/fame will follow (if that is what you really want after establishing connection with HIM) and make you most coveted person in the society/world.

1. Develop and maintain bridge of unison with GOD

2. Continuous and persistent effort

3. Meet goals, targets, critical success factors

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