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Akhand Gyan Available in English, Hindi & Punjabi

Monthly Magazine of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). A Revolutionary Publication! Raising a voice against ill practices prevailing in the society and wiping off the plethora of misconceptions dwelling in the minds of Theists as well as the Atheists!

  • Raising a voice against ill practices prevailing in the society!
  • Providing complete nourishment to body-mind-spirit!
  • Containing lucid and richly interesting contents which tickle the Real You!
  • Guiding your foot-steps to success and satiation!
  • Highlighting the transcendental essence (Brahm Gyan) of all scriptures!

Highlights of this month

Featured Articles

  • Relationships: Real or Fake?

    When we talk about relationships, the first line of support and the most immediate help in difficult times is expected from friends. … They are there to support you only during the sunny days of your life. … Out of all the relatives, the strongest support obviously is from the ‘family’.  … There was a young boy who was very regular at attending spiritual discourses. The saint conducting the discourse felt...
  • Bones- The Iron Pillars of our Body!

    What will happen to a building whose iron pillars are not strong and robust? Definitely that building will collapse even with the attack of mild storms. The same is true for the human body with weak bones. - Nearly four times as many men and three times as many women have low bone mass. -          - By 2050, hip fracture arising due to low bone mass will increase by 240% in women and 310% in...
  • The Dynamics of God Realisation - An ‘Experience’ Without the ‘Experiencer’

    From time immemorial, the concept (or reality) of God has baffled the human mind, but the human consciousness continues to dwell on the concept, or the reality called “God.” For those who have already experienced it, God is the only ‘Truth’ or ‘Reality’ of the Universe; but for those who have not and are dwelling in the realms of imagination, God probably exists just as a conceptual, theoretical entity. Howev...