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In today's scientific world, the medical community is striving hard to discover all possible drugs for the treatment of all possible diseases. The scientists are determined to fight tooth and nail against plethora of chronic degenerative diseases. According to the studies conducted, in USA alone, the sale of drugs has almost doubled in the last ten years. Can you imagine the pharmacies filled more than 2.5 billion retail prescriptions in the year 1997? The studies also reveal that, in the year 1990, Americans spent $37.7 billion on drug prescriptions. In 1997, the expenditure increased to $ 78.9 billion. It has been found that, in the health-care arena, the rate of the inflation of drug expenses is growing at a fast pace. This rise has been found to be a staggering figure of 17% per annum.

Broadly speaking, the world of medical science is disease-oriented and drug-oriented. The researches made in the field are also disease-oriented. The doctors today are well-trained and well-skilled to diagnose, treat, and cure diseases. They are made to cram all sorts of drugs meant to cure various diseases. They are taught the intricate mechanism and even the nitty-gritty details of the factors essential for the consumption of various medicines by the human-body. They are thoroughly educated about how our body is able to circulate and then excrete the doses of drugs taken or injected. In addition, they are even made to grasp the long lists of side-effects of every drug. Remember! Any drug prescribed by your physician has one or the other side-effect, be it the drug for high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus or common cold or arthritis or elevated cholesterol level or heart disease or depression.

Who does not intend to lead a healthy life? Who does not wish to maintain or regain vigour and vitality? However, how many of us exactly know what to do to make it a reality? In actual, we are running after diseases and drugs. No one is paying attention to the prevention of diseases by maintaining good health. Why do we always have to wait for a disease to make us its prey and not take up sincere health measures in advance? Mind it-

'Prevention is better than cure.'

So, we need to be aware of the lifestyle tenets that are necessary to shield our health- our vigour and vitality. In his book, 'The Antioxidant Revolution', Dr. Kenneth Cooper has thrown light on a process called 'oxidative stress' and has also tried to explain how the same becomes the underlying cause of chronic degenerative diseases. This process is radically similar to the rusting of iron or colour change of a sliced apple. Broadly speaking, we all are actually rusting from within. Gradual oxidative stress leads to the toxic affects of oxygen on our body and, thus, has been found to be the stimulator of more than seventy chronic degenerative diseases; like, coronary artery problem, arthritis, Alzheimer, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. It also becomes the cause of pre-mature ageing.

However, dear readers, doctors say that such unhealthy stresses can be easily tackled by adopting healthy eating habits. It is highly required to consume the foods rich in antioxidants. A diet consisting of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene should be consumed in ample; for, it has the potential of protecting the body against the harmful affects of oxidation. In addition, the consumption of non vegetarian food should be avoided because it leads to some serious injuries on our health. It may push us into the trap of wide range of diseases and disorders; like, diabetes, kidney-failure, angina pectoris, coronary thrombosis, hemorrhage, blood-poisoning, etc. The presence of a poisonous substance called uric acid in it also gives an open invitation to various ailments and diseases; like, hysteria etc. In short, it has fatal effects on our body.

The gist of the whole account is that one should consume healthy food by enriching one's diet with the stuff rich in antioxidants; like, fresh fruits and vegetables. By following this dietary programme, no one can stop you from becoming a health-oriented doctor. To be a disease-oriented or drug-oriented doctor, one needs to undertake medical classes and acquire high medical degrees. But, to be a health-oriented doctor, one simply needs to be aware of healthy food habits and life style. And, above all, one needs to exercise a sincere self-control over one's mind! For, the prime reason behind running after non vegetarian food or making unhealthy food choices is the satiation of taste buds. Overwhelmed by demanding palate, a man easily gets tempted by unhealthy diet. Therefore, to lead a healthy life, at both physical and spiritual levels, the need is to bridle or discipline mind through meditation based upon Divine Knowledge (Brahm Gyan).

Thus, in short, be a health-oriented self doctor! Don't give free invitation to diseases! Be aware of what you consume!

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