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Grand Ma took Jack 'n' Jill to a Spiritual and Musical programme. The pleasant waves of the melodious notes of the bhajans (devotional songs) gently touched their eardrums. Along with them, the musical instruments also jingled. The drums and the string-instruments produced the heart-loving and rhythmic sounds!

Now, how could the devotees control their emotions! They responded with their own instruments- the palms! The rhythmic clapping began! In a few moments, the whole gathering got totally involved in chorus singing. Grand Ma also joined the chorus; she began to sing and clap. She, then, looked in the direction of Jack 'n' Jill and said, "You also clap!" Jack 'n' Jill initially hesitated, but soon, they too began to clap. But how? Slowly, sluggishly, without any force or continuity- showing little involvement! Grand Ma gave them the commands, "What is this- such slow clapping! Clap fast; use your strength- do it actively! Energetically! Go ahead- clap, clap… more and more claps!”

Jack 'n' Jill shot back, though not with anger…

"What is this Grand Ma? The drum and the other instruments are being played so well, to the perfect rhythm. Why, then, should we tire out our hands?" Grand Ma continued with her whispering, "No, No… My little ones! The more you clap, the more lines on your palms change, obviously for the better!" Hearing this, Jack 'n' Jill burst into laughter. With the hands on their mouth, they chuckled and giggled. "Stop it…", said Grand Ma, and saying thus, she again busied herself in singing and clapping. But then, she decided that on reaching home, she would explain to them the benefits of clapping in the scientific style!

…Back at home, Jack 'n' Jill got involved in their own life-style games! Grand Ma initiated the 'Clapping' topic again.

Grand Ma: So, Jack 'n' Jill, I could see you laughing a lot in today's programme! Hmmm!

Jack: Granny, you yourself made us laugh! Your funny observation that 'clapping alters the lines on the palm'…. Ha..Ha..Ha…

Jill: Grand Ma, clapping does not mend the lines. Of course, our palms turn red!

Grand Ma: Stop it! You naughty boys! My observation has a profound meaning! Change 

in the lines on your palms means what? It means the change of fortune- for the better! Goodbye to all types of sorrows; welcome to good fortune! So long as a person remains sick, suffers from ill health, he is unhappy. When he gets proper treatment for the disease, when he recoups his original health, he becomes happy again! The meaning is straight and simple- to get back your health means change in your fortune, which, in turn, is nothing but the change in the lines only!

Jack 'n' Jill: But, Grand Ma, what has clapping to do with health?

Grand Ma: A very close relationship exists! Just show me your hands! Do you know your little fingers and the tiny palm contain hundreds of invisible joints or points that are more or less connected to the whole body! These are known as 'Accupressure Points'. Press them, and you get favourable effects on the concerned parts. Now think, if all these points are to be pressed together as a matter of play, then what else is the better alternative? Is it not clapping?

The points get not only pressed but also tinkled. The result is: a lot of energy and blood circulation within the body with greater speed! The blockages, blood clots in the blood vessels, get cleared due to clapping! Each and every part of the body gets nourished! Laziness disappears; you are filled with enthusiasm. The count of red blood cells increases. The white cells gain strength and become powerful! As a result, you are in a position to offer stiff resistance to diseases and infections and defeat them! Meaning thereby, your immune system becomes strong… That's not all! The impure air within your lungs is expelled... The excess fat melts, and, as a result, you lose the extra weight too!!

Jack 'n' Jill: Wow Grand Ma! What super-scientific benefits are involved in this simple activity- clapping!

Grand Ma: I remember the poem of W.B. Yeats….  An aged man is but a paltry thing,

A tattered coat upon a stick, unless

Soul claps its hands and sings, and louder sing,

For every tatter in its mortal dress!

Jack 'n' Jill: Grand Ma, that sounds like something hi-fi! What does it mean?

Grand Ma: It means that old age makes an individual an unwanted item of dead-stock… leaves him jaded and faded. Just like an old, tattered coat hung on a stick! However, this is only until an old individual begins to clap intensely and sing loudly. Because, by doing so, each and every pore of his mortal dress (i.e., body: a form of attire) gets rejuvenated. A person becomes healthy and young.

Jack 'n' Jill: "O Grand Ma, that's great!"- saying thus, the children started clapping. The next moment, in the same drawing room, one could listen to a mirthful singing with methodical loud clapping-

What makes you active, fit, and healthy? –                     It's clapping!

Which is the easiest exercise? – It's clapping!

Free treatment... Say what’s that? – It's clapping!

Which is the medicine without side effects? –                 It's clapping!

So, clap, clap and clap again!

And watch the ailments on the run!