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He always left me and stood six steps away  every time I called out for him…

...When I was a little baby

My father made me stand; he securely held my finger in his hand, and inspired me to walk – 'Move, move… Don't be afraid… I am holding you… Take a step my boy…' Excited and curious for the task that seemed so adventurous and alluring, I gathered all my courage. With my hand safely gripped in reliable and trustworthy hands, I geared up to advance a step. I had just raised my foot when I was hit with a stunning shock. My father had deceivingly withdrawn his support! He had left me all alone! I was awestruck... sensing the proximity of my disastrous end! Papaaaaaa…. I yelled bitterly for his help, still confident of assistance from my 'trustworthy' support. My eyes twinkled with the leftover but diminishing hope… Alas! He did not come. He did not come to hold me and stood six steps away from me, watching me- the poor and helpless fellow, who had no option to revert his move, who was left with no other choice but to fall into the mouth of the bare piece of land voraciously waiting with open arms to explode me into pieces!!! 'Father, I never expected this from you'- my heart cried out in agony. And, my foot was pulled down. But, most surprisingly, I did not fall; in fact, I had made an achievement! A stupendous achievement! I stood on my own feet!

  Time rolled on… Old memories dimmed and were substituted by another fresh lot… Then, came a moment…

…When I sat on my newly gifted bicycle

'Papa, please keep holding my cycle tightly, else I shall fall down.'- I pleaded with my father to assure my safety. 'Of course, why do you worry when I am there…'- were his words of assurance in reply to my sincere request. I swivelled my neck to confirm the support. After confirming my 'saviour's' hand firmly gripping my cycle, I started pushing the paddles. One round, two rounds, three rounds… the paddles rotated and the wheels rolled with them in perfect harmony. 'Papa, keep holding… else I may fall down…', saying thus, I, once again, turned my head around to ensure the presence of my caring guardian. But, what's that! He was no longer holding my cycle! 'Papaaaaa… Please come! Hold my cycle… else I will collapse!' But, he did not come; rather, he stood six steps away from me, watching me riding all alone… to fall into a pit or dash into something. But, to my surprise, I rode and rode… the pedals rotated and wheels smoothly rolled, completing one round after the other!!! Once again, I had made an achievement! A stupendous achievement! I had learnt an art of balancing myself and simultaneously treading speedily to attain my goal!

Time rolled on further… Old memories dimmed and were substituted by yet another fresh lot… Then, came a moment…

…When I was held up in a project and my business was at stake 

It was a die or fly high situation. 'What has happened, my child? May I be of any help to you?'- My father approached and extended his helping hand to me. Though I didn't expect any positive outcome, but still discussed the problem with him. Feelings of hopelessness clearly reflected from my voice. But, father listened. He listened very patiently to every broken line I uttered with broken heart. In the end, he suggested a solution. Surprisingly, it hit the problem and the riddle was cracked! The next day, my company's success was declared. A thick swarm of media persons gathered outside my house where we all were celebrating the success. 'Sir, your photograph please!'- They requested me in chorus. 'I owe my success to my father. Without him, this success was impossible. So, click both of us together.'- was my immediate remark. The cameras were focussed… They were just ready to click when I threw a quick glance on to my right side where my Father was sitting. But, to my surprise, he was not! Papaaaaa… Where are you? I turned my head and, once again, found that he stood six steps away from me, watching me and smiling at me... To give all credit to me alone! Before I could pull him, several photographs were clicked. And, once again, I was credited with a stupendous achievement!

Friends, don't we, too, often complain to God for not supporting us when we call Him for help? However, to realise the truth, the need is to just turn your glance…this time not around but inside (by the grace of a Perfect Master, who can impart you with the technique to see within), from where He is delivering His support. Then, you will realise the truth. He seems to be unmindful to our help-seeking cries, standing six steps, no… sixty miles away… But His 'fictitious' indifference is not to betray us in the time of need; rather, it is only to evolve us from our unconfident, unripe, babyish status; it is  to make us realise His invisible and profound grace in the form of our own worth and, with it, bag a stupendous achievement in our lives! Ah! What a classic and unparalleled example of generosity! He does everything… He is the thrust behind every move that we make… Still, He makes us alone take the credit of all success, without picturing Himself for the grace He so generously showers upon us!

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